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Do the Barker Codes End?

Cumberbatch, E. and Cummings, L.J. and Ferguson, P. and Mercer, I. and Please, C.P. and Tilley, B. and Altalli, R. and Cao, L. and Chen, F. and Li, S. and Liang, H. and Liu, Y. and Miller, J. and Nguyen, L. and Salem, M. and Vu, P.D. and Watt, J. and Yang, Y. (2008) Do the Barker Codes End? [Study Group Report]



A Barker code is a binary code with k^th autocorrelation <= 1 for all nonzero k.

At the workshop, the Barker code group split into four non-disjoint subgroups:

- An "algebra group", who explored symmetries of the search space that preserve the autocorrelations' magnitude.
- A "computing group", who explored methods for quickly finding binary codes with very good autocorrelation properties.
- A "statistics group", who explored ways to quantify what has been empirically observed about autocorrelation in the search space S_2^N.
- A "continuous group", who explored a non-discrete analogue of the problem of finding sequences with good autocorrelations.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:Information and communication technology
Study Groups:US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 24th MPI [Worcester 16/6/2008 - 20/6/2008]
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