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Increasing Detection Performance of Surveillance Sensor Networks

Litvak, Nelly and Altaf, Muhammad Umer and Barbu, Alina and Jain, Sudhir and Miretskiy, Denis and Mohammadi, Leila and Onur, Ertan and panhuis, Jos in ’t and Sumihar, Julius Harry and Vellekoop, Michel and van Wijk, Sandra and Bisseling, Rob (2008) Increasing Detection Performance of Surveillance Sensor Networks. [Study Group Report]



We study a surveillance wireless sensor network (SWSN) comprised of small and low-cost sensors deployed in a region in order to detect objects crossing the field of interest.

In the present paper, we address two problems concerning the design and performance of an SWSN: optimal sensor placement and algorithms for object detection in the presence of false alarms. For both problems, we propose explicit decision rules and efficient algorithmic solutions. Further, we provide several numerical examples and present a simulation model that combines our placement and detection methods.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:None/Other
Information and communication technology
Study Groups:European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 63 (Twente, Netherlands, Jan 28-Feb 1, 2008) (SWI 2008)
Company Name:Thales
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