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Pavement stresses due to tire impact

Cumberbatch, E. and Schichtel, M. (1995) Pavement stresses due to tire impact. [Study Group Report]



Road surfaces wear continually under the effects of vehicular motions in an environment of changing temperature, humidity, etc. Regulatory agencies need to set limits on vehicular loads, tire pressures, etc., in order to mitigate the damage caused by the traveling stress footprints of vehicular traffic. In order to understand and quantify the relationship between damage caused and the parameters influencing the forces generated by a moving vehicle on a road surface, it is necessary to construct a model for a mechanical system of vehicle body, suspension springs, axle, wheel rim and tire, transmitting forces back and forward to the road surface.

The previous paragraph describes the broad problem presented to the workshop. In what follows we organize a simple mathematical model to represent the major components of the system, and we indicate how this model may be validated (or not) by tests and, if it is successful, how it can be used in a predictive capacity.

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Transport and Automotive
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