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Enhanced Leak Detection

Bader, Laura and Billingham, John and Callahan, Daniel and Catrina, Florin and Edwards, David and Fehribach, Joseph and Gemmrich, Simon and Hazaveh, Kamyar and Johnson, Katharine and Moore, Richard and Mykrantz, Andrew and Ni, Peng and Phillips, Joel and Tilley, Burt and Ware, Kimberly and Weekes, Suzanne (2005) Enhanced Leak Detection. [Study Group Report]



A key requirement for Veeder-Root’s Enhanced Leak Detection System is that it be able to test in situ for the presence of leaks at gasoline dispensing facilities. Aside from the obvious issues of safety and lost product, this functionality is obligatory for compliance with environmental standards mandated by federal and state oversight bodies, such as the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The SWRCB demands a testing procedure that includes conditions as close to operational as possible, while still using environmentally safe gases as a test fluid. Although the test parameters (e.g., pressure) are allowed to deviate from operating conditions in order to facilitate the test procedure, a prescribed rescaling of the test thresholds must then be applied to account for the deviation. Whether the test is run at operation conditions or in a slightly different parameter regime, the fact that the testing must be done on the product and return lines after installation at a service station presents significant challenges in devising an effective test strategy.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:Transport and Automotive
Energy and utilities
Study Groups:US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 21st MPI [Worcester 13/6/2005 - 17/6/2005]
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