Media articles on Study Groups

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  5. Mathematical Problems in Industry Workshop Celebrates 25 Years Louis F. Rossi (SIAM news, Apr 1, 2010)
  6. European Study Groups with Industry at 40 Years Pedro Freitas (SIAM news, Mar 21, 2009)
  7. Have we got problems for you Jon Chapman (New Scientist, Jun 22, 1996, .txt)
  8. Troubleshooting numbers Andrew Watson (New Scientist, Feb 17, 1996)


Reports regarding Mathematics in Industry

Home October 2011: Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry (FLMI)

The European Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics is published in book form by Springer (Softcover, ISBN 978-3-642-23847-5. Lery, T.; Primicerio, M.; Esteban, M.J.; Fontes, M.; Maday, Y.; Mehrmann, V.; Quadros, G.; Schilders, W.; Schuppert, A.; Tewkesbury, H. (Eds.) 1st Edition., 2011, XII, 136 p. 200 illus., 185 in color.). The FLMI final report and the European Success stories are now available from the FLMI website.

This Forward Look is aimed at analysing the current state of interaction between mathematics and Industry. Through its analyses and recommendations, it will enable the scientific and industrial communities, together with policy makers, to develop medium to long-term strategies for future research activities and applications. It is expected that it will impact society by strengthening the mathematical knowledge base of a wide spectrum of research-intensive industries. One key goal is thus to define well-adapted and ambitious research and political agendas at national and European levels.

Home April 2009: Mechanisms for Promoting Mathematics-in-Industry

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Global Science Forum published a Corollary (April 2009) to the report on Mechanisms for Promoting Mathematics-in-Industry submitted by the Global Science Forum Experts Group on Mathematics in Industry.

Compendium of Mathematics-in-Industry Activities
This compendium of noteworthy mathematics-in-industry projects and programmes is an addendum to the June 2008 Report on Mathematics in Industry. It was prepared by an Experts Group, some of whose members were appointed by GSF delegates while others had participated in the earlier activity. The new material should be a useful, practical reference regarding the options available to those (in industry, academia, or government) who wish to strengthen the links between academic mathematics and industry. This catalogue is not complete, and material may be added in the future.