1997 Colemanballs Assessment Exercise: Results

Hors de Concours

`You're getting very physical this morning, Joyce' (CJB)

`Here all screwing is via a nipple' (SAH)

Grade 1: No funding

`k is not k.' (CPP)

`2 is almost infinity.' (JGB-S)

`If it wasn't for the fact that the answer's wrong, this argument would sound convincing.'(TJM)

`The stress does not depend on the thickness, but the strain does.' (PDH)

Grade 2: Locally significant

`The flow is at rest.' (JRO)

`The drying of paint is from a liquid to a solid.'(JGB-S)

`Microwaves get absorbed by the thawed part, which is not what we want: we want them to be absorbed by the unfrozen part.'(PN)

Q: `Are the Euler equations applicable?'
A: `So long as there's no viscosity.'(JRO)

`Colin, I didn't know you had a three-month-year-old' (CJB)

Grade 3: Nationally significant

`Going down the fin vertically...'(JRO)

`At any local point...'(CPP)

`That's because you've got into the middle of the centre.'(CPP)

`Either g or 31 is the parameter.'(SDH)

`I didn't quite ask the question that was in my mind.'(SDH)

`They have a solution they are trying to solve.'(CK)

Grade 4: Internationally significant/ nationally excellent

`It's got all its temperature on the outside.'(SJC)

`If you added water, you'd be able to make it wet again.'(PDH)

JA: `We want to be classically correct.'
CA: `Yes, even if we're technically wrong.'

`Round and round in straight lines.'(GWR)

Grade 5: Largely internationally excellent

`But I want to cross out all of the terms.'(CPP)

`You've drawn a straight line, but it could be a sloping line instead.' (TJM)

Grade 5*(b): Almost uniformly internationally excellent

`alpha=alpha if alpha<1, alpha=1 if alpha>1.' (ADF)

`This model will never predict any elastic properties, because the moment it's not moving everything stops.'(SDH)

`The rate of growth will be thicker and thicker.'(CPP)

Grade 5*: Golden Wellies

`You fill it with food -- if it's liquid it's a piece of cake.' (PN)

`sigma_33 = 0. Now all we need to know is what sigma_33 is.'(JRK)

Received after the closing date

`The pressure in the inlet is maintained at a given temperature, which is usually around 5 atmospheres.' (TL)

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