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These are the final reports of the 30th European Study Group with Industry, which was held at the University of Bath on 7-11th. April 1997. Altogether six companies or related organisations proposed eight problems to a meeting with 80 participants [Download postscript list of participants].

In a welcome broadening of the usual topics addressed in the Study Group there was a statistical problem brought by AEA Technology which found a receptive audience of statisticians. We hope that there will be more statistical problems in the future. There was also a very welcome participation from a number of mechanical engineers.

Problems and reports

The industrial problems and their proposers were

Credits and thank-yous

On Monday evening the Tryfan Rogers Memorial Reception was held in the Senior Common Room and was greatly enjoyed by all. Tributes were paid to Tryfan's memory. As a result of a generous donation from the Alan Tayler memorial fund two students from the Netherlands were able to attend the meeting. The EPSRC and the LMS were also most generous in their financial support which in the former case was especially targetted at the student attendees.

This year the Study Group hit the Internet with its own website which included problem descriptions, a registration form and the final reports. Thanks to Jon Wilson for maintaining this.

Lectures were given on Tuesday afternoon by Sasha Movchan ``Asymptotic methods for multi-structures'' and Ivan Graham ``Boundary element methods'', on Wednesday afternoon by Alan Champneys ``Nonlinear mathematics in engineering'' and Giles Hunt ``Buckling in structures'' and on Thursday afternoon by David Hobson ``Probability and finance'' and by James Davenport ``Public Key cryptography''.

Throughout the week we had beautiful weather which made conversations on the campus lawns easy and pleasant and allowed participants to combine normal study group activities with swimming and golf. A memorable morning was spent watching paint dry (as part of purely scientific research into the ICI problem) and the results are recorded for posterity below (courtesy of Paul Nesvadba).

Thanks also to the University of Bath Conference office, especially Suzanne McKnight for helping to make things run so smoothly despite last minute hiccups.

We are also grateful to Alastair Spence who was the Head of Department during the Study Group, welcomed all the participants to the meeting and was very supportive during its organisation. Also thanks to everyone at OCIAM who gave us useful advice and industrial contacts.


The 31st. European Study Group with Industry will be held at Southampton University from March 22nd.-27th. 1998. Enquiries should be directed to Adam Wheeler (e-mail: aaw@maths.soton.ac.uk, Tel: 44-1703-595143, Fax: 44-1703-595147).

In 1998 there will also be study groups in Vancouver and Copenhagen.

Finally an impression of mathematicians at work, all watching paint dry.

Watching Paint

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