31st European Study Group with Industry 1998
University of Southampton

* Elkem
Thermo-electrical stability in an electrode
Last modified: 13/3/98
* Opto-electronics Research Centre
Diffusion of titanium into sapphire in the fabrication of miniature lasers.
* Pilkington
Visco-elastic behaviour of glass
Last modified: 13/3/98
* Quantisci
Flow of swelling clays in narrow cracks
Last modified: 13/3/98
* Rolls Royce
Linear friction welding
Last modified: 13/3/98
* Snell and Wilcox
Efficient polynomial approximation of television images
Last modified: 18/3/98
* Unilever
Simulation of free surface flow and heat exchange in a partly filled reactor
Last modified: 19/3/98