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What is the ESGI ?

The ESGI (European Study Group with Industry) is Europe's leading workshop for interaction between applied mathematicians and industry.

These week-long workshops have occurred at least annually since 1968 (originally as the Oxford Study Groups with Industry) and attract leading academic and industrial mathematicians to work on industrial problems.

Problem areas include those involving heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, granular materials, electric fields, financial-derivative pricing, image processing, optimization, population change, and many processes amenable to modelling by continuum mechanics.

Problem Solving

ESGI provides a forum for:
Exploiting the expertise of leading applied mathematicians to find solutions to industrial problems
Clarifying and clearly formulating a problem
Bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas
Brainstorming on mechanisms and methodologies
Finding state-of-the-art solution procedures

Wider Benefits to Industry

Past industrial participants have found that ESGI has:
Found solutions and insights into existing industrial problems
Established lasting and productive working links with research applied mathematicians
Raised and investigated research issues of long-term significance
Expanded employment opportunities and company profiles with postgraduate students
Stimulated greater awareness in the wider community of the power of mathematics in providing solution paths to real-world problems

Workshop Structure

The week-long workshop attracts over 80 mathematicians from a wide range of backgrounds to work on the selected industrial problems.

A training course runs concurrently with the workshop providing wider background material on new mathematical research topics related to the industrial problems.

On the first day, Tuesday, the industrial representatives outline their project and their objectives.

The next couple of days are devoted to brainstorming, modelling and solving the problems closely guided by the industrial representative. Participants are free to apply their expertise to any of the projects.

On the Friday the progress and recommended routes forward are presented.

Reports on the problem deliberations are produced after the meeting. (Some reports from the 30th and 32nd ESGI's are available.)

In 1999 the 34th European Study Group with Industry will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh from the 6th to the 9th of April.

Additional Information

If you would like to have some more information about study groups have a look at the following sites:
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The Australian study group at Queensland University of Technology
The Thirteenth Annual Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
AIMS, Applied Industrial Mathematics in Scotland.
OCIAM, the Oxford Centre of Industrial Applied Mathematics.

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