Problem 3: Amrose A/S

Determining kinematic parameters for a robot
Given a suboptimal parameter space

Calibrations of robots are an important issue, if robots are to be used efficiently in manufacturing. The increasing use of off-line programming is enhancing this problem. Over the last decade many methods have been developed to obtain a precise kinematic model of a robot. These models are based on a set of parameters, that describes the position of framei relatively to framei-1.

The problem is to find a new set of parameters that gives the best fit, when only a subset of the parameters can be changed.

This problem arises when working with existing robot-controllers that have a simpler model of the robot. We still have to use the controller’s internal model when doing production like welding, where the robot are doing pending using its internal representation.

For further information about calibration methods, please write to for a copy of the article "The Calibration Index and Taxonomy for Robot Kinematic Calibration Methods"


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