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35th European Study Group with Industry

to be held at
SDU - Odense University
23  - 27  August 1999



Company submitting a problem1   DKK  10 000
Individual industrial or academic participant2   DKK       500
1   The price includes fee for one person.
2   It is intended that ESGI 35 should make no profit, and if the study group will recieve sufficiently financial support the fee will be waived.
The fee includes daily dinner (Monday - Thursday) as well as accommodation in college housing or single room on campus. It is possible to have a hotel room for an additional cost of approx. DDK 2000. Lunch can be bought on campus for approx. DKK 30


ESGI 35 takes place at the University of Southern Denmark - Odense University in the week 23 - 27 August, hosted by The Maersk-McKinney Moller Institute of   Production Technology and The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The organization committee consists of

Research Asst. Marit Hvalsøe Schou, +45 6550 3574
Associate Prof. Jens Gravesen, phone +45 4525 3064
Associate Prof. Poul Hjorth, phone +45 4525 3061
Professor John Perram, phone +45 6550 3570
Associate Prof. Hans Jørgen Munkholm, phone +45 6550 2309
Associate Prof. Edmund Christiansen, phone +45 6550 2322

The facilities of SDU, including powerful computers, advanced software and high speed access to the internet is available to the Study Group.

Deadline for submission of registration form is 20 July 1999.
The meeting begins Monday 23 August at 10 am and ends at 27 August at 1 pm.
Check-in Sunday afternoon and Monday morning 9 - 10 am.
The Industrial Problems will be published 1 August 1999 at URL

For further information please contact
Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M

Phone: +45 6550 3541
Fax: +45 6615 7697

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