Scottish Industrial Networking Initiative in the Mathematical Sciences

Dr Paul Moseley

Smith Institute, UK

Last year the Department for Trade and Industry invited proposals from Faraday Partnerships for 'Special Initiatives'. The Smith Institute Faraday Partnershiop, in collaboration with the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh, put forward a proposal for a six-month industrial networking initiative in Scotland.

The project was duly approved and Paul Moseley was seconded from industry to co-ordinate the initiative. The main task was to make contacts with Scottish academics, companies and other organisations and to try and identify some potential areas for new industrial-academic collaborations.

The principal mechanism for engaging with companies and academics was a series of six sector-based workshops, hosted at ICMS in Edinburgh. Five of these workshops have now taken place, attended by a total of thirty companies. A number of interesting problems were presented, some of which will be outlined in the talk. It is hoped that these will lead to new collaborative projects in due course.