Workshop on Problems from the Textile Industry.
Thursday 4th April 2002, Lancaster University.

A one-day workshop supported by MACSI-net1 will be held on Thursday 4th April at Lancaster University for companies in the textile industry and applied and industrial mathematicians. Participation is free. Companies are invited to present problems for discussion, particularly in areas where they would like to develop new collaborations with universities. There will also be short presentations illustrating the sort of problems where mathematics can be successfully applied. A record will be kept of the day's activities, and it is hoped that companies will be able to establish useful collaborations arising from the meeting.
The meeting takes place during the European Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group2, so a wide range of industrial and applied mathematicians will be available. Also experts on mathematical modelling speci cally in the textile industry will be present on the day of this workshop. These will include:

For further details please contact one of the organisers:
Dr Hilary Ockendon (OCIAM), 01865-70504
Dr David Allwright (Smith Institute), 01865-280604

1 Mathematics, Computing and Simulation for Industry: A European Network of Excellence. Details at
2 Details at

18th March, 2002