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How Does ESGI Work?

The conference is intended for mathematicians, engineers, industrialists, research scientists from other disciplines including physics and chemistry, as well as research students who would like to challenge themselves with real-world problems presented by industrial companies. The meeting will follow the format of previous ESGI meetings which have taken place since 1968 (Oxford Study Group with Industry) in different countries around Europe, including Denmark.

For the first time, the conference will take place in the Sønderborg area, one of the most important centers for information technology, telecommunication and electronics in Denmark.

At the meeting, companies will present their problems on Monday morning, August 25, 2003. Each such problem will be taken up by a group of participants who, together with the company representative, will work toward the problem solution until Thursday afternoon, August 28. On August 29, 2003 a plenary session will be held to present the results from each of the problem groups.

The conference will feature an embedded workshop to be held on Tuesday afternoon, August 26, 2003. Lectures will be given by distinguished international researchers.

Final study group reports on the results of each of the presented problems will be published in the ESGI47 Proceedings after their review by industrial reviewers. Proceedings will also include lectures of the invited speakers and invited papers on the topics of the projects presented at the meeting.
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How Does ESGI Work?

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