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Benefits to Industry and Academia

All participants:

As a participant of this meeting, you will have an opportunity to work in a team on an important industrial problem. Not only this may lead to the development of a new solution technique to a challenging industrial problem, but also to a new collaboration and stimulating new ideas. The meeting features an embedded Mathematics for Industry Workshop to be held on Tuesday afternoon, August 26, 2003, where distinguished international speakers will deliver their lectures on topics of interest to both industrial and academic participants.


By bringing your project to the Study Group you will have an opportunity to meet mathematicians and colleagues from other disciplines who are interested in the solution of industrial problems. At the majority of cases the work done at ESGI meetings provides a sufficient material for the company to complete the solution process in-house. In particular, you can expect some or all of the following:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the problem
  • the outline of an approach to the problem's solution
  • initial modelling and development of solution process
  • a new perspective on the problem
  • explicit directions for further research work and a detailed technical report discussing recommended solution strategies.
In addition, the ESGI will provide opportunities for additional consulting and collaboration between industrial and academic participants after the meeting.


The Study Group is a challenging hard-working week. However, it also provides you with a rare opportunity to use your high-level skills in solving real-world problems. You will be exposed to the richness of the problems encountered in industrial applications. This should help you in creating new opportunities for developing new research areas, new student projects (e.g., in collaboration with industrial companies), and publications.

Research Students:

The meeting will provide you with an ideal opportunity to witness and actively participate in the problem solving process. You can contribute to the meeting by

  • carrying out some analysis of the problem as part of a group
  • writing a computer code
  • analysing data or helping in tracing down relevant material
  • participating in research discussions.

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