Improving public awareness of science by means of participative internet projects

In Holland and Belgium a so called 'Big Flu Measurement' takes place from November 1, 2003 to April 1, 2004. This participative internet project is meant for primary education, high schools and the general audience. It is highly succesfull. At present it is being investigated if it can be repeated during the next flu season and also wether it could be launched in other European countries.

The Big Flu Measurement derives its success to a large part from enthousiastic cooperation by Dutch mathematicians. A foundation was created to initiate more of these internet projects. For 2004 a project to study trafic safety is being studied. In June 2004 a Venus Transit takes place. In cooperation with the European Southern Observatory a public measurement will performed to derive a value for the Astronomical Unit (distance of the Earth to the Sun). A third internet project involves the grow season of children. Again mathematicians are welcomed to contribute to these projects. They are a rare opportunity to popularise mathematics for all age groups and all levels of understanding!