Mathematics-In-Industry Study Group

The annual MISG workshop is a problem solving forum in which mathematicians from universities, industry and government organisations work together with selected companies to solve difficult technical problems.

The projects that industry bring to the MISG are real, technical problems. The goal of MISG is to apply Australia's mathematical resources to the challenges facing Australian business and industry.

Past study groups have worked on projects with a wide diversity of companies, from giant mining conglomerates to small-to-medium enterprises. The projects span many sectors of industry and include such varied topics as

  • identifying the processes leading to the formation of chocolate bloom for Arnott's Biscuits,
  • fracture testing of spectacle lenses for Sola International,
  • the use and design of tall tapered feeders in the production of castings for Toowoomba Foundry,
  • the application of pesticides to grape bunches for GWRDC,
  • moisture movement in bulk stockpiles for CRA,
  • The allocation of resources in quarry management for Boral.

The aim of the workshop is to work with the company representatives to clarify and precisely define each of the projects. One or more pathways to a solution are identified and then developed. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, the workshop participants may produce complete solutions or define a specific solution path by the end of the week.

Mathematicians from Australian and overseas universities, industry, the CSIRO and other government organisations offer their expertise at no charge. They bring with them a wide range of skills in many areas of mathematics, and this breadth of approach is one of the reasons why it is such an exciting and fruitful forum. Typically over 150 mathematicians participate at these workshops each year.

MISG 2002 will be hosted by the Centre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics at the University of South Australia, and will be held at the University of South Australia from 11th February to 15th  February 2002.