Benefits to Industry

During the MISG the specialist research groups will provide

  • A comprehensive analysis of their problem
  • Initial modelling and development of solution processes;

and following the meeting the participating companies will receive

  • An equation free summary of the outcomes of the workshop
  • A detailed technical report discussing recommended solution strategies

Project moderators and other workers on the team spend additional time beyond the MISG week developing ideas discussed at the workshop. This is essential in order to produce a full and coherent report. The implementation of solutions however often requires some considerable additional work. Historically this has occurred on a number of occasions and in a number of different ways. Options include Government Research grants (such as ARC Discovery, Linkage), student projects, or via consulting. On the other hand in the majority of cases the work done at MISG is a sufficient catalyst for the Company to complete the analysis and solution process in-house.

Benefits to Participating Mathematicians

Mathematicians from Universities and Industry provide their time and expertise free at MISG. For this reason there are no registration fees for participating in the MISG workshop. These mathematicians (in some cases from overseas) have traditionally flocked to this forum since its inception. They are attracted by the richness of the problems encountered and the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. Benefits for academics include opportunities for developing new research areas and publications.

Benefits to Students

Both postgraduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to attend MISG. This provides them with an ideal opportunity to come face to face with real problems of a substantial nature. They are also able to witness first hand the problem solving process and the skills of some of the finest Applied Mathematicians in the world today. Financial assistance is available to students and some academic participants. Requests should be made by e-mail to