Nicole Baker
Arnott's Biscuits
I have never seen anything like it before - people with ideas jumping up and explaining them.
Tim Meyer
Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment
It is a difficult problem which the group approached with novel and interesting ideas. It has changed the way we think about cavitation.
Ariel Liebman
CS Energy
I have enjoyed getting my mind around the rigor of the mathematics, and have learned a lot about testing assumptions.
Richard Burwood
James Hardie, Fibre Cement Technology
The MISG group has achieved in three days what would have taken James Hardie two to four years in-house. We just don't have the sort of experience and knowledge we have been able to pull together in a gathering like this.
Grant Wellwood
Kraft Foods


The MISG has developed a model of a key unit operation which we can use for analysis ... this means that we won't have to go through the costly exercise of field trials.
Allan Davies
MM Cable


The MISG certainly shows the value of a mix of engineering and mathematical approaches to a problem, and also of individual and group activity.
Rodger Hills
Polystyrene Building Products


I am impressed by how practical the MISG team have turned out to be. They always had in mind how the manufacturer could make use of what they were finding. We now have a much better idea of what our process is, and what we can do with it.
Mike Dredge
Queensland Department of Primary Industries
The MISG provides unlimited opportunity to people in business and government to gain access to expertise which does not exist in their own organisations.
Manios Dolmas
Faulding Healthcare
Looking at this problem from the outside has produced a fresh approach.
Con Alexandrides
National Rail Corporation
The dialogue was important and raised issues that would not normally come out. There was a lot of passion, and that is a really powerful tool in industry.
Lee Kharkhee
Email Washing Products
We achieved a lot in a short period of time ... we were able to relate the theory to real practical outcomes.
Kieran Murphy
Food Science Australia


I found the process exciting. The whole week was alive with new thought. We talked about and modelled many of the basic questions have been on my mind for some time.
Leslie Simmons
Koyo Australia

I was inspired by the whole experience of MISG. You've got a true believer in the MISG concept... I will be spreading the word amongst all the industrial organisations I can.