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Wrinkling of paper labels on beer bottles

Charpin, J. P. F. and Fowkes, N. and Khalique, M. and Mason, D. P. and Myers, T. G. and Mureithi, E. and Sjoberg, A. and Vakaskar, D. C. (2008) Wrinkling of paper labels on beer bottles. [Study Group Report]



Two different types of wrinkles in beer bottle labels are studied namely wrinkling due to the labeling process and wrinkles due to expansion of the paper as consequence of the moisture in the labels.

Four problems are considered, namely, the geometry of the labelling process, the formation of wrinkles related to physical qualities of the paper, the spreading of the glue and removal of the labels.

An optimal speed was found for the labelling process. The group evaluated the importance of the distance between the glue strips both for wrinkle constraint and removal of the labels. The group also investigated the influence of the angle between the preferential expansion direction of the paper and the glue strips and showed that the glue strips should be perpendicular to the fibres in the paper.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:Materials
Study Groups:Mathematics in Industry Study Groups in South Africa > MISGSA 2008: University of the Witwatersrand (Jan 28-Feb 1, 2008)
Company Name:South African Breweries
ID Code:288
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