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Lipid Metabolism and Comparative Genomics

Tindall, Marcus and Rougier, Jonathan and Pickersgill, Laura and Melrose, John and O’Malley, Brendan and Jones, Janette (2006) Lipid Metabolism and Comparative Genomics. [Study Group Report]



Unilever asked the Study Group to focus on two problems. The first concerned dysregulated lipid metabolism which is a feature of many diseases including metabolic syndrome, obesity and coronary heart disease. The Study Group was asked to develop a model of the kinetics of lipoprotein metabolism between healthy and obese states incorporating the activities of key enzymes.

The second concerned the use of comparative genomics in understanding and comparing metabolic networks in bacterium. Comparative genomics is a method to make inferences on the genome of a new organism using information of a previously charaterised organism. The first mathematical question is how one would quantify such a metabolic map in a statistical sense, in particular, where there are different levels of confidence for presense of different parts of the map. The next and most important question is how one can design a measurement strategy to maximise the confidence in the accuracy of the metabolic map.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:Food and Drink
Medical and pharmaceutical
Study Groups:European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 53 (Manchester, UK, Mar 21-24, 2005)
Company Name:Unilever Corporate Research
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