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=, = (1994) Interactive processes in sprays. [Study Group Report]


Aguareles, Maria and Fozard, John and Gravesen, Jens and Hinch, Rob and Hjorth, Poul and Kaouri, Katerina and Parker, David and Willatzen, Morten (2004) Measuring glucose content in the aqueous humor. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Blount, Maurice and Gramberg, Heike and Hewitt, Ian and Aminu, Abdulhadi and Breward, Chris and Broda, Piotr and Byatt-Smith, John and Catt, Chris and Chutsagulprom, Nawinda and Fehribach, Joe and Hickson, Roslyn and Hjorth, Poul and Morgan, Cara and Morones, Rafael and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Reis, Tim and Sibley, David and KinPo Tam, Peter and Thompson, Alice (2009) Reaction-diffusion models of decontamination. [Study Group Report]

Anthony, Adam and Breward, Chris and Edwards, David A. and Gratton, Michael and Haider, Mansoor and Joshi, Yogesh and Milgrom, Timur and Pelesko, John A. and Schleiniger, Gilberto and Xiao, Zunlei (2007) Characterizing Molecular Diffusion in the Lens Capsule. [Study Group Report]

Anvari, V. and Atapour, M. and Bourouiba, L. and Caudillo Mata, L. A. and Collinson, S. and Johnson, A. and Madras, N. and Miasnikof, P. and Ramirez Ramirez, L. L. and Sanchez-Bravo, I. (2009) Mathematical Models for Estimating the Risk of vCJD Transmission. [Study Group Report]

Archer, Claude and Hochstenbach, Michiel and Hoede, Kees and Meinsma, Gjerrit and Meijer, Hil and Ali Salah, Albert and Stolk, Chris and Swist, Tomasz and Zyprych, Joanna (2008) Neural spike sorting with spatio-temporal features. [Study Group Report]

Arino, J. (2008) Optimal Treatment Rate During an Influenza Pandemic in the Presence of Drug-Resistance Emergence. [Study Group Report]

Arino, Julien (2006) Global Travel and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). [Study Group Report]

Aruliah, D. and Donaldson, R. D. and Drapaca, C. S. and Sanchez, A. (2009) Constitutive Models for Tumour Classification. [Study Group Report]


Baas, S. and Hurink, J. (2000) Sample Testing with Vitalab Flexor. [Study Group Report]

Barranco-Mendoza, A. (1997) Modeling pre-invasive bronchial epithelial lesions. [Study Group Report]

Batten, L.M. and Whiten, B. (2001) Inferring eye movements on the basis of head and visual target position. [Study Group Report]

Begg, R. and Wilkie, K. (2009) A Mechanism for Ventricular Expansion in Communicating Hydrocephalus. [Study Group Report]

Bell, J. and Breward, C. and Chou, T. and Fok, P.-W. and Haugh, J. M. and Li, Q. and Rossi, L. and Walter, A. and Yang, X. and Zemlyanova, A. and Zhang, N. (2009) Mathematical models for vulnerable plaques. [Study Group Report]

Bhan, Ashish and Kesir, Mustafa and Malioutov, Mikhail B. (2009) Identifying Bio-markers for EcoArray. [Study Group Report]

Billingham, John and Grief, Andrew and Leppinen, David and Ovenden, Nick (2005) Design of microfluidic networks. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. Sean and Breward, Chris (2006) Yolk Dynamics in Amphibian Embryos. [Study Group Report]

Bona, Andrej and Laflamme, Claude (1999) Classification of Chemical Compound Pharmacophore Structures. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C. and Heffernan, J. and Madras, N. and Miura, R. and Sorensen, M. (2008) Discovery and Assessment of New Target Sites for Anti-HIV Therapies. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Parker, D.F. (2000) Oxygen profile in an experimental cell culture apparatus. [Study Group Report]

Breward, Chris and Richardson, Giles (2006) Capillary Agglutination Technology. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C J and Hewitt, Ian and Mitchell, Sarah and Coles, Chris and Rankin, James and Rodrigues, David and O’Brien, Mick and McKee, Sean and Vynnycky, Michael and King, John and McGinty, Sean (2008) Laser Welding of a Stent. [Study Group Report]

Buono, Luciano and Chau, Roger and Lewis, Greg and Madras, Neal and Pugh, Mary and Rossi, Louis and Witelski, Thomas (2006) Mathematical Models of Mother/Child Attachment. [Study Group Report]


Cai, Z.J. (2001) Nonlinear analysis for cardiograms. [Study Group Report]

Chang, Jen-Mei and Drakes, Chiaka and Huang, Erya and Langat, Deidrey and McGrath, Joseph and Morabito, Mark and Pacheco, Jose and Rodriguez, Nancy and Salazar, Daniel and Vemuri, Rao and Vu, Man and Wadhar, Hem and Wu, Qin (2009) A two-base encoded DNA sequence alignment problem in computational biology. [Study Group Report]

Chiu-Webster, Sunny and Dyson, Rosemary and Parker, David and Vella, Dominic and Whittaker, Robert (2008) The pull-off test for viscoelastic soft solids. [Study Group Report]

Coskun, E. (2010) A Medical Waste Sterilizer. [Study Group Report]


D., Allwright (2011) Interpreting pharmaceutical screening test results. [Study Group Report]

Daneshbod, Yousef and Kominiarczuk, Jakub and Kreykes, Jason and Nadim, Ali (2009) Akonni Biosystems: Wicking in Microchannels on Biochips. [Study Group Report]

DeWoskin, D. and Higley, M. and Lemoi, K. and Owens, B. and Rahman, A. and Rotstein, H. and Rumschitzki, D. and Swaminathan, S. and Tanzy, M. and Varfolomiyev, O. and Witelski, T. and Zubkov, V. (2011) Dynamic models of metastatic tumor growth. [Study Group Report]

Draper, D. and McKail, C. and Allwright, D.J. (1997) Convergence of Risk Estimates Obtained from Highly Skewed Distributions. [Study Group Report]

Duffy, D. and Edwards, D.A and Emmanuel, B. and Fessel, K. and Hu, L. and Moore, R. and Please, C.P. and Schwendeman, D. and Seal, S. and Song, Y. and Yang, H. (2010) Medical Ultrasonic Imaging. [Study Group Report]


Fell, C. and Golding, M. and Gleeson, J. and Jetka, T. and Korobeinikov, A. and Kubat, I. and Lynch, E. and Magdalina, A.M. and Mitchell, S. and Smith, N. (2011) Optimizing blood stock management for efficient usage of O-negative blook in the mid-west area of Ireland. [Study Group Report]


Hazelwood, Vera and Byatt Smith, John and Fiedler, Juliusz and Lacey, Andrew and Leppinen, David and Morones-Escobar, Rafael and Pachon, Ricardo and Please, Colin (2009) Human Decompression Modelling. [Study Group Report]

Hinch, E. J. (1991) Contact lenses. [Study Group Report]

Hinch, R. (2000) Angiogenesis: A Model of Cell Differentiation. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P (2001) Protein evolution. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P.G. and King, J. and Korobeinikov, A. and Mason, J. and McKee, S. and Wilson, S. (2008) Stryker Osteonics: Prosthetic Knee Joint. [Study Group Report]


Komarova, S. V. and Lopez, M. and Miura, R. M. and Qazi, S. and Wall, D. J. N. (2009) Mediators of mechanotransduction between bone cells. [Study Group Report]


Lesage, Frédéric and Leblond, Frédéric and Peshko, Olesya and Shan, Shidong (2007) Nonlinear Dimension Reduction for Microarray Data. [Study Group Report]

Lewis, Greg (2005) Force-Control for the Automated Footwear Testing System. [Study Group Report]


Masinga, L.C. and Sherwell, D.S. and Myburgh, C. (2006) HIV modelling in a labour force. [Study Group Report]

McNamara, H. (2011) Locating a blockage in the cerebral vascular network. [Study Group Report]

Miraghaie, Reza and Abouali, M. and Breward, C. and Chan, I. and Ellis, A. and Fehribach, J. and Gratton, M. B. and Matusik, K. (2009) The dynamics of liquid slugs forced by a syringe pump. [Study Group Report]

Morfin, M. and Bohun, C. S. and Wattis, J. (2009) Control of Calcium Carbonate Crystallization by a Serum Protein. [Study Group Report]


Orchard, Jeff and Webber, Adam (2002) Mathematical Surface Matching of Maps of the Human Torso. [Study Group Report]


Ralph, D. and Sier, D. (1994) Managing waiting lists and theatre scheduling for surgical procedures. [Study Group Report]

Richardson, G. and Cooker, M. and Delaney, N. and Hanley, K. and Hjorth, P. and Mackey, D. and Mason, J. and Mitchell, S. and O'Sullivan, C. (2009) Particle Impact Analysis of Bulk Powder During Pneumatic Conveyance. [Study Group Report]


Schreuder, Jan and van de Fliert, Barbera and Molenaar, Jaap (1998) Detection of Metastases in Human Lungs from CT-Scans. [Study Group Report]

Shontz, Suzanne (2006) Nonlinear Dimension Reduction for Micro-array Data (Small n and Large p). [Study Group Report]

Slavova, A. and Valkov, B. and Tonchev, K. and Daskalova, N. and Nikolova, M. and Bivas, M. and Mateev, P. and Yordanova, R. and Zhelezova, S. (2013) Estimation of errors in text and data processing. [Study Group Report]


Thornton, A and Weinhart, T and Bokhove, O (2010) Modeling and Optimization of Algae Growth. [Study Group Report]

Tilley, B. S. (2009) Sodium Flux during Haemodialysis. [Study Group Report]

Tindall, Marcus and Peletier, Mark and Aitchison, Joyce and van Mourik, Simon and Severens, Natascha (2005) The mathematical modelling of cooling and rewarming patients during cardiac surgery. [Study Group Report]

Tindall, Marcus and Rougier, Jonathan and Pickersgill, Laura and Melrose, John and O’Malley, Brendan and Jones, Janette (2006) Lipid Metabolism and Comparative Genomics. [Study Group Report]


van Beckum, F and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Boettche, S (2009) Stiffening while drying. [Study Group Report]


Wattis, Jonathan (2007) Skeletal muscle fuel utilisation in healthy and disregulated states. [Study Group Report]

Williams, JF and Hek, Geertje and Vardy, Alistair and Rottschäfer, Vivi and van den Berg, Jan Bouwe and Hulshof, Joost (2005) Mathematical Techniques for Neuromuscular Analysis. [Study Group Report]

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