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Time Reduction of the Packing Process

Almeida, Rui and Duque, Jose and Ferreira, Flora and Vieira, Manuel V.C. (2016) Time Reduction of the Packing Process. [Study Group Report]



Savana is a company in the footwear sector which is over 27 years old and has more than 150 employees. This company specializes in children’s footwear of sizes ranging from 18 to 40. Each pair is individually packed in a box which is customized for each client. The ideal size of each box depends on the model of the footwear and the position in which it is placed inside the box. These boxes are ordered from an external supplier that has only certain measures available, so boxes of the same size have to be used for footwear of various sizes and models.

Due to a frequent introduction of new models in the production environ- ment, the box sizes are initially set manually in an experimental procedure (testing), which is often time consuming. Savana challenged ESGI’s par- ticipants to study their packing process, in order to reduce the variety of box sizes, the empty space inside the boxes and to eliminate the need to perform testing, thereby reducing the time and increasing the e�ciency of the packing process.

Furthermore, the footwear ordered by each customer is packed into large boxes, which will henceforth be referred to as containers. With regard to these large boxes, various designs and sizes can be delivered to a single client. The dimensions, weight and forms of these are subject to the customer’s specifications. In this context, Savana intends to determine automatically the sizes of the containers to be sent to each customer and how to arrange the individual boxes for each client’s order.

This report tells how to automatize and speed up the overall process. It describes how to automatically assign shoes to boxes, and gives a manner to pack the shoe boxes, in such way that permit to reduce the size of the card box.

Savana should be aware that this is not yet a ready to use solution, because more data analysis need to be done, in order to improve and make the method reliable. Furthermore, during implementation it may appear new important challenges.

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Study Groups:European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 119 (Porto, Portugal, Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2016)
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