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US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 13th MPI [Rensselaer 9/6/1997 - 13/6/1997]

Chapman, Jon and Chung, Young and Drew, Donald and Edwards, David A. and Fitt, Alistair and King, John (1997) Gas Concentration Measurements in Underground Waste Storage Tanks. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 30 (Bath, UK, Apr 7-11, 1997)

A., J. and Breward, C.J.W. and L., A.A. and P., K. and S., W. (1997) Microwaving food. [Study Group Report]

B., G.B. and C., A.R. and G., J. and H., G.W. and L., J. and M., A.B. and M., N.V. and O., G. and Ockendon, J.R. and P., M.A. and S., S. and W., L. and W., J.P. (1997) Bulkhead Failure due to Flooded Holds. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S.J. and Dellar, P. and Fitt, A.D. and Herraiz, L. and Howison, S.D. and King, J. and Lacey, A.A. and Nikolopoulos, C. and Parrott, K. and Please, C.P. (1997) Thermo-Electric Problem in the Søderberg Electrode. [Study Group Report]

Draper, D. and McKail, C. and Allwright, D.J. (1997) Convergence of Risk Estimates Obtained from Highly Skewed Distributions. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Howell, P.D. (1997) The Manufacture of Continuous Electrodes using Paste Briquettes. [Study Group Report]

Lattimer, T. and Ockendon, J.R. and Ockendon, H. (1997) Optimal Blower Design. [Study Group Report]

Parrott, K. and Aldridge, C. and Nesvadba, P. (1997) Identification of the Themophysical properties of Fish. [Study Group Report]

vd. Fliert, B. and Please, C.P. (1997) 'Mud-cracking' in a Latex paint film. [Study Group Report]

Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > IPSW 1 (Vancouver, Canada, Aug 25-29, 1997)

Barranco-Mendoza, A. (1997) Modeling pre-invasive bronchial epithelial lesions. [Study Group Report]

Lamoureux, M. (1997) Inversion for Anisotropic Velocity Parameter. [Study Group Report]

Loewen, P. (1997) Optimal Lumber Production from Softwood Sawlogs. [Study Group Report]

Saliba, M. (1997) Fingerprint Identification - New Directions. [Study Group Report]

Ward, M.J. (1997) Stress intensity In a thermoroll. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, R. (1997) Non-monotonic variation of stress intensity with flaw size in metal-lined fibre-reinforced pressure vessels. [Study Group Report]

Australian and New Zealand Mathematics in Industry Study Group > MISG 1997

Barton, N.G. and Wake, G.C. (1997) Copper ore heap leaching. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S.L. and Davidson, M.R. (1997) Droplets formation inside a venturi liquid mixer. [Study Group Report]

Howlett, P.G. and Thompson, C.J. (1997) Modelling and optimisation of low solids waste treatment processes. [Study Group Report]

Jenkins, D.R. and McElwain, S. (1997) Corrosion and wear in moulding boxes. [Study Group Report]

Panton, D.M. and Beaumont, N. (1997) Optimisation of work flow. [Study Group Report]

Stump, D. and Anderssen, R.S. (1997) Improving the design and operation of a tweedy dough mixer. [Study Group Report]

Weber, R.O. and White, L.R. and Fowkes, N.D. (1997) Modelling an inverted belt filter. [Study Group Report]

Mexican Industrial Problem Solving Workshop > Mexican IPSW 1997

Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Ockendon, H. and Pulos, G. (1997) Injection moulding of key blanks with Zinalco. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Pulos, G. (1997) Vacuum moulding of a superplastic. [Study Group Report]

Cumberbatch, E. (1997) Visco-elastic Models of Asphalt Pavements. [Study Group Report]

Hernandez, G. and Ramos, J.A. and Teresa, L. (1997) Efecto de la inyeccion de agua en un acuifero confinado. [Study Group Report]

Mercado, E.J.R. and Hernandez, G.G. and Ramos, L.J.A. and Ockendon, H. and Brambila, P.F. (1997) Correlacion de pares de imagenes para medicion de solidos por fenomenos estereo. [Study Group Report]

Mercado, E.J.R. and Hernandez, G.G. and Ramos, L.J.A. and Ockendon, H. and Brambila, P.F. (1997) Problemas directo e inverso para el abatimiento del manto freatico. [Study Group Report]

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