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US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 17th MPI [Rensselaer 4/6/2001 - 8/6/2001]

Ambrose, David and Braun, Richard and DeBisschop, Cynthia and Gremaud, Pierre and Howell, Peter and Kramer, Peter and Please, Colin and Salazar Gonzalez, Jose Domingo and Schwendeman, Donald (2002) Boundary Layers and Material Deformation in Fiber Drawing. [Study Group Report]

Howell, Peter and Kedzior, M. and Kramer, P. and Please, Colin and Rossi, Louis and Saintval, W. and Salazar, D. and Witelski, T. (2002) Shape optimization of pressurized air bearings. [Study Group Report]

Nadim, A. and Cumberbatch, E. and Barannyk, L. and Kas-Danouche, S. and Savettaseranee, K. and Vellante, H. and Buckmire, R. and Platte, R. (2002) Symmetry Breaking in Jetting. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 42 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb 18-22, 2002)

Bittner, Franziska and Denteneer, Dee and Kronemeijer, Simon and Nuyens, Misja and Orzan, Simona and Rougemont, Jacques and Verbitskiy, Evgeny and Znamenski, Dmitri (2002) On Lossless Compression of 1-bit Audio Signals. [Study Group Report]

Bokhove, Onno and Dubbeldam, Johan and Getto, Philipp and van 't Hof, Bas and Ovenden, Nick and Pik, Derk and Prokert, Georg and Rottschäfer, Vivi and van der Sar, Dick (2002) Roses are unselfish: a greenhouse growth model to predict harvest rates. [Study Group Report]

Brouwer, Rachel and Brouwer, Thijs and Hurkens, Cor and van Manen, Martijn and Montijn, Carolynne and Schreuder, Jan and Williams, JF (2002) Magma Design Automation: Component placement on chips;
the "holey cheese" problem.
[Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris and Peletier, Mark and Hek, Gerrtje and Iron, David and Leger, Andre and Cahyono, Edi and Guerra, Ignacio and Toasa, Paul Dario and Williams, JF (2002) The Artis Problem. [Study Group Report]

van Blokland, Piet and Booth, Lorna and Hiremath, Kirankumar and Hochstenbach, Michiel and Koole, Ger and Pop, Sorin and Quant, Marieke and Wirosoetisno, Djoko (2002) The Euro Diffusion Project. [Study Group Report]

van der Berg, Jan Bouwe and Davydova, Natalia and van de Fliert, Barbera and Peeters, Frank and Planqué, Bob and van der Ploeg, Harmen and Terra, Guido (2002) Reconstruction of sea surface temperatures from the oxygen isotope composition of fossil planktic foraminifera. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 43 (Lancaster, UK, Apr 2-5, 2002)

Allwright, D.J. (2002) The vibrating tuning fork fluid density tool. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. and Brown, M. (2002) Generating artificial noise for testing speech recognition systems. [Study Group Report]

Balanov, A. and Janson, N. and Wang, C. and Wiercigroch, M. (2002) Multiple delay differential systems in a sensing problem. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Dellar, P. and Edwards, C.M. and Kaouri, K. and Richardson, G. and Wilson, S.K. (2002) Mathematical modelling of pipe-flow and extrusion of composite materials. [Study Group Report]

Burton, D. and Mihai, A. (2002) Predicting the Impact Point of a Falling Body. [Study Group Report]

Gravesen, J. and Noble, S. (2002) Sequencing spinning lines. [Study Group Report]

Howison, S.D. and Ockendon, J.R. and Parker, D. (2002) Small fast inkdrop emission from a nozzle. [Study Group Report]

Wilson, Eddie (2002) Customer population modelling with residence time structure. [Study Group Report]

Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > IPSW 6 (Vancouver, Canada, May 27-31, 2002)

Cheng, Raymond K. and Lawi, Stéphan and Swishchuck, Anatoliy (2002) Price Pseudo-Variance, Pseudo-Covariance, Pseudo-Volatility, and Pseudo-Correlation Swaps - In Analytical Closed-Forms. [Study Group Report]

Geiger, Hugh and Lamoureux, Michael (2002) Determining Geological Properties by a Hybrid Seismic-Magnetotelluric Approach. [Study Group Report]

Orchard, Jeff and Webber, Adam (2002) Mathematical Surface Matching of Maps of the Human Torso. [Study Group Report]

Piché, Robert and Keyes, Edward (2002) Stitching IC Images. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, Rex and Bohun, Sean C. (2002) Resistance Monitoring. [Study Group Report]

Wheaton, Chad (2002) A Seismic Inversion Problem for an Anisotropic, Inhomogeneous Medium. [Study Group Report]

Chinese Study Groups with Industry > Workshop on Industrial Applications 2002 (Hong Kong, Jul 8-12, 2002)

Courtney, A.J. and Chan, A.H.S. (2002) Ergonomics of Grab Unloaders for Bulk Materials Handling. [Study Group Report]

Gower, R. and Zhu, S.-P. and Hon, B. (2002) Evaluation of costumer lifetime value. [Study Group Report]

Huang, H. (2002) Medical insurance after retirement: mathematical models. [Study Group Report]

Huang, H. (2002) Temperature control by laminar flows. [Study Group Report]

Lamper, D. (2002) Risk and Return Performance Attribution for Cross Border Investment Portfolio. [Study Group Report]

Luczak, M.J. (2002) Calibration of remote sensing measurements from surface observations. [Study Group Report]

Luczak, M.J. and Wylie, J. (2002) Risk management for traffic safety control. [Study Group Report]

Wang, Y. and Panton, D. and Fitt, A.D. (2002) The application of cellular automata to weather radar. [Study Group Report]

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