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Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group > 1st MPSSG [Nottingham 17/12/2007 - 20/12/2007]

Holman, Tara and Wells, Darren and Wilson, Michael and Holdsworth, Michael (2007) The mechanics of Arabidopsis seed germination. [Study Group Report]

Iannetta, Pietro (2007) Measuring Plant Genetic Diversity Using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRS). [Study Group Report]

Penfield, Steven and Fozard, John (2007) Network properties underlying seed germination control. [Study Group Report]

Ward, John and Moulin, Michael and Feugier, Francois and Hazledine, Saul (2007) A mathematical model of the tetrapyrrole biosynthesis pathway. [Study Group Report]

US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 23rd MPI [Delaware 11/6/2007 - 15/6/2007]

Anthony, Adam and Breward, Chris and Edwards, David A. and Gratton, Michael and Haider, Mansoor and Joshi, Yogesh and Milgrom, Timur and Pelesko, John A. and Schleiniger, Gilberto and Xiao, Zunlei (2007) Characterizing Molecular Diffusion in the Lens Capsule. [Study Group Report]

Maki, Kara and Ozlem, Melih and Schwendeman, Don and Please, Colin and Phillips, Joel and Case, Michael and Heryudono, Alfa and Bhalezcio, Kishor and Atena, Agegnehu and Witelski, Tom and Sun, Jiguang and Fehribach, Joseph (2007) Maximizing Minimum Pressure in Fluid Dynamic Bearings of Hard Disk Drives. [Study Group Report]

Australian and New Zealand Mathematics in Industry Study Group > 24th MISG [Wollongong 5/2/2007 - 9/2/2007]

Alcock, Jamie and Goard, Joanne and Vassallo, Tony (2007) Calibrating the mean reverting jump diffusion model to Australian spot electricity prices. [Study Group Report]

Bhar, Ramaprasad (2007) A jump diffusion model for spot electricity prices. [Study Group Report]

Fraser, W. Barrie and Macaskill, Charlie and McGuiness, Mark and Thornton, Aaron (2007) Strip Track-Off and Buckling between Transport Rollers. [Study Group Report]

Kilby, Philip and Tobin, Patrick and Luscombe, Ruth and Barry, Steven I. and Hickson, Roslyn (2007) The maritime surveillance problem. [Study Group Report]

Maberley, Ed and Wilkins, Andy (2007) Determining the independence of various measures of financial risk. [Study Group Report]

Pritchard, Geoff and Sweatman, Winston L. and Nan, Kim and Camden, Mike and Whiten, Bill (2007) Maximizing the contribution of wind power in an electric power grid. [Study Group Report]

Russell, Ken and Cerone, Pietro and Challis, Vivien (2007) Calculation of a risk measure for the net system load profile. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 56 (Bath, UK, Apr 3-7, 2006)

Alam, Mahbubul and Almond, Darryl and Budd, Chris and Hill, Andrew and Schwetlick, Hartmut (2007) An interpolation tool for aircraft surface pressure data. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Armour, Tristram (2007) A scheduler for a wireless system. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Dellar, Paul (2007) Sensitivity of Markov chains for wireless
[Study Group Report]

Barton, David and Wood, David (2007) Shimmy in aircraft landing gear. [Study Group Report]

Breward, Chris and Huang, Huaxiong (2007) Resource allocation. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris (2007) Height-volume characteristics of a fuel tank. [Study Group Report]

Carter, Rebecca and Evans, Jonathan and Richardson, Giles (2007) Wax deposition in oil pipelines. [Study Group Report] (Unpublished)

Challet, Damien and Krause, Andreas (2007) Validation of agent-based models. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, Poul (2007) Aggregation of stochastic models. [Study Group Report]

Hunt, Robert and Clarke, Liam and Byatt-Smith, John and Billingham, John (2007) Forecasting triads: the negative feedback problem. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 59 (Nottingham, UK, Mar 26-30, 2007)

Allwright, David and Bailey, Claire and Cawthorn, Chris and Lacey, Andrew (2007) Cuttings transport with drillstring rotation. [Study Group Report]

Brown, Melvin and Dellar, Paul (2007) Gas entrainment at a propagating slug front. [Study Group Report]

Gardener, Tim (2007) Managing Product Maturity. [Study Group Report]

Gardener, Tim (2007) Runway Visual Range. [Study Group Report]

Wattis, Jonathan (2007) Skeletal muscle fuel utilisation in healthy and disregulated states. [Study Group Report]

Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > M-IPSW 1 (Montreal, Canada, , Aug 20-24, 2007)

Coates, Mark and de Freitas, Nando and Moreau, Francis and Oreshkin, Boris and Pugh, Mary (2007) Recognized Maritime Picture: Geofeasibility Scores. [Study Group Report]

Gendron, Bernard and Chouman, Mervat and Fu, Xiaorui and Khuong, Paul-Virak and Cordeau, Jean-François and El Ouali, Mehdi and Ghaffari, Hamid and Li, Yang and Liu, Xi and Ropke, Stefan and Warren, Robert (2007) Strategic Planning at Kruger Products. [Study Group Report]

Lesage, Frédéric and Leblond, Frédéric and Peshko, Olesya and Shan, Shidong (2007) Nonlinear Dimension Reduction for Microarray Data. [Study Group Report]

Orban, Dominique and Zalzal, Vincent and Armand, Paul and Brunet, Dominique and Chaput, Philippe and Kiselev, Arthemy and Marcotte, Odile and Morin-Duchesne, Alexi and van Omme, Nikolaj (2007) Nonlinear Continuous Deformation of an Image Based on a Set of Intersecting Straight Lines. [Study Group Report]

Rousseau, Louis-Martin and Provencher, Guillaume and Gendreau, Michel and Zanarini, Alessandro and Rancour, Marie-Ève (2007) Routes de collecte du lait de la Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec
[Routes of milk collection of the Federation of milk producers of Québec].
[Study Group Report]

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