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KAUST Study Groups > 1st KSG (Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, Jan 23-26, 2011)

Bohun, C. Sean (2011) Modelling mass transfer in a rotating disk reaction vessel. [Study Group Report]

Coskun, E. (2011) Initialization Strategy for Nonlinear Systems. [Study Group Report]

Farmer, C. and Hoteit, I. and Luo, X. and Boonyasiriwat, C. and Alkhalifah, T. (2011) Full Wave Form Inversion for Seismic Data. [Study Group Report]

Griffiths, I. and Gallimore, L. (2011) Filtercake forming mechanisms at fracture and cavity openings. [Study Group Report]

Hadj-Sassi, K. and Clawson, R. (2011) Formation Response of High Frequency Electromagnetic Waves. [Study Group Report]

Jaimungal, S. (2011) Car Centres Placement Problem. [Study Group Report]

Ketcheson, D. (2011) Iron Furnace Problem - What is the porosity distribution in the iron ore hopper? [Study Group Report]

McNamara, H. (2011) Locating a blockage in the cerebral vascular network. [Study Group Report]

Turkiyyah, G. (2011) Fast Simulation Models for History Dependent and Non-Linear Time Consuming Finite Element Analyses. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 77 (Warsaw, Poland, Sep 27-Oct 1, 2010)

Jakub, Lengiewicz and Krzysztof, Turek and Jacek, Lewkowicz and Poul, Hjorth and Agnieszka, Kaszkowiak and Anna, Kortyka and Mariusz, Marczewski and John, Ockendon and Wojciech, Okrasinski and Zbigniew, Peradzynski and Piotr, Wojdyllo and Karolina, Wojtasik and Maciej, Zmuda (2011) Models and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of funds utilization for scientific research and development of advanced technologies. [Study Group Report]

Karolina, Baldys and Szymon, Charzynski and Karolina, Klepek and Krzysztof, Pytka and Mateusz, Zawisza (2011) Comparable aggregated indicators of QoS in the telecoms market. [Study Group Report]

Magorzata, Bladoszewska and Tomasz, Brozek and Michal, Zajac and Lucyna, Cieslik and Maria, Donten-Bury and Kamil, Kulesza and John, Ockendon and Lukasz, Stettner and Piotr, Wojdyllo and Wladimir, Zubkov (2011) Cryptographic techniques used to provide integrity of digital content in long-term storage. [Study Group Report]

Marcin, Przybyko and Orest, Dorosh and Joanna, Giemza and Tomasz, Gorski and Anna, Kortyka and Dorota, Kowalska and Tomasz, Krasnicki and John, Ockendon and Pawel, Szlendak and Michal, Warchol and Vladimir, Zubkov (2011) Mathematical techniques for the protection of patient's privacy in medical databases. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 79 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jan 24-28, 2011) (SWI 2011)

Apri, M and Banagaay, N and van den Berg, J (2011) Analysis of a Model for Ship Maneuvering. [Study Group Report]

Dickinson, P and Hulshof, J and Ran, A (2011) Optimal Flood Control. [Study Group Report]

Evers, J and Kiss, D and Kowalczyk, W (2011) Node counting in wireless ad-hoc networks. [Study Group Report]

Kager, W and Kryven, I and Myerscough, K (2011) Statistical Modelling of Pre-Impact Velocities in Car Crashes. [Study Group Report]

Palvolgyi, D and Csapo, G and Wortel, M (2011) Strategic bidding in a primary reserve auction. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, M and Beelen, T and Bisseling, R (2011) Routing for analog chip designs at NXP Semiconductors. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 80 (Cardiff, UK, Apr 4-8, 2011)

A., Crosby and N., Deacon and J., Dewynne and A., Lacey and W., Lee and J., Ockendon and R., Whittaker (2011) Efficient Si-melting (PLEASE EMAIL FOR A COPY). [Study Group Report]

D., Allwright (2011) Interpreting pharmaceutical screening test results. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, P. and Hall, C. (2011) Modelling the effect of friction on explosives. [Study Group Report]

M., Brown and L., MacManus (2011) Effect of distributed energy systems on the electricity grid. [Study Group Report]

Patel, R. (2011) Scheduling a future air transport system. [Study Group Report]

T., Armour (2011) Analytical solutions for compartmental models of contaminant transport in enclosed spaces. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 82 (Limerick, Ireland, Jun 26-Jul 1, 2011)

Arculus, R. and Christiansen, M. and Devine, M. and Dempsey, C. and Fennell, J. and Gleeson, J. and Hunter, G. and O'Sullivan, K. and Nuttall, B. (2011) Electricity price predictability and quantifying customer suitability. [Study Group Report]

Bradley, A. and Cooker, M.J. and Dellar, P.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Fowler, A.C. and Keener, J.P. and King, J.R. and Lacey, A.A. and Lee, W.T. and Mitchell, S.L. and Richardson, G. and Vynnycky, M. (2011) Foam formation in the plastics industry. [Study Group Report]

Burke, M. and Cwalina, K. and Fitzmaurice, F. and Hajanirina Lord, N. and McCarthy, S. and Miller, J. and Morrison, J. and O'Brien, M. and O'Kiely, D. and Stanley, I. and Tobin, J. (2011) Predicting bus arrival times. [Study Group Report]

Cooker, M. and Cribbin, L. and Dellar, P. and Fitt, A. and Gaburro, R. and Gibb, T. and Kennedy, J. and King, J. and Kubat, I. and Lapin, V. and Lee, W. and Murphy, E. and Nolan, C. and Parker, J. and Power, O. and Timoney, C. (2011) Haptic Touchscreens. [Study Group Report]

Fell, C. and Golding, M. and Gleeson, J. and Jetka, T. and Korobeinikov, A. and Kubat, I. and Lynch, E. and Magdalina, A.M. and Mitchell, S. and Smith, N. (2011) Optimizing blood stock management for efficient usage of O-negative blook in the mid-west area of Ireland. [Study Group Report]

US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > MPI 27 (New Jersey, USA, Jun 13-17, 2011)

Agrawal, S. and Edwards, D.A. and Fehribach, J.D. and Gounley, J. and Harris, I. and Moore, R. and Takahashi, T. and Wrobel, J. (2011) Modeling Photon Generation. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Griffiths, I. and Potter, H. and Taroni, M. (2011) Matched Asymptotic Solutions of Glass Temperature Profiles During Optical Fibre Drawing. [Study Group Report]

DeWoskin, D. and Higley, M. and Lemoi, K. and Owens, B. and Rahman, A. and Rotstein, H. and Rumschitzki, D. and Swaminathan, S. and Tanzy, M. and Varfolomiyev, O. and Witelski, T. and Zubkov, V. (2011) Dynamic models of metastatic tumor growth. [Study Group Report]

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