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US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 29th MPI [Delaware 17/6/2013 - 21/6/2013]

Edwards, David A. (2013) Phase Field Formulation for Microstructure Evolution in Oxide Ceramics. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 91 (Bristol, UK, 15-19 April 2013)

Aufderheide, Helge and Colombo, Alessandro and Elson, Torran and Lees-Miller, John and Lim, Sean and Rock, Kat and Saxton, M. and Swierczynski, P. (2013) Better Junction Control with Bus Priority. [Study Group Report]

Benjamin, Oscar and Mina, Petros and Arany, Laszlo and Connaughton, Colm and Cox, Sam and Kresoja, Milena and Shukla, Abhishek and Wheatcroft, Ed and Tull, James and Groth, Samuel and Jenkins, Sian and Budd, Chris and Smith, Leonard (2013) Short term power forecasts for large offshore wind turbine arrays. [Study Group Report]

Black, Jonathan and Christmas, Jacqueline and Krastanov, M. and Nowotarski, J. and Sieber, Jan and Sieber, Robert and Tomczyk, Jakub and Webborn, Ellen (2013) Inertial motion estimation for extreme sports modelling. [Study Group Report]

Champneys, A. and Fresneda-Portillo, Carlos and Hewitt, Ian and Liu, X. and Hunt, Matthew and Nagapetyan, Tigran and Please, C.P. and Shang, Xiaocheng and Tant, Katherine and Witelski, Tom and Wood, David and Zioo, Piotr (2013) Estimating the Spread of Fire in Buildings. [Study Group Report]

Hecht, C. and Hewitt, D. and Piwarska, K. and Smith, L. and Thompson, E. and Wilson, E. (2013) Validating an Operations Centre Model. [Study Group Report]

Lawson, Zoe and Jones, Owen and Holland, Mark and Oak, Neeraj and Hall, Cameron and Hewitt, Ian and Wilson, Eddie and Leese, Robert (2013) Business Rates Pooling. [Study Group Report]

Porter, Richard and Billingham, John and Bradshaw, Joel and Bulkowski, Marcin and Dawson, Peter and Garbacz, Pawel and Gilbert, Mark and Gosce, Lara and Hjort, Poul and Homer, Martin and Jeffrey, Mike and Papavassiliou, Dario and Wind, David Kofoed (2013) Optimisation of Car Park Designs. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 93 (Limerick, Ireland, Jun 23-Jun 28, 2013)

Bokharaie, V. and Carroll, P. and Devine, M. and Fennell, P. and Gleeson, J. and Hayes, K. and Hunter, G. and Idiak, J. and Lee, W. and Lynch, J. and Mason, J. and Nowotarski, J. and O'Connell, M. and O'Sullivan, D. and Tomczyk, J. and Ward, J. and Anson Yan, L.T. and Finn, P. (2013) Electricity Exchange: Demand Side Unit performance monitoring. [Study Group Report]

Burns, S. and Chapwanya, M. and Cummins, C. and Dellar, P. and Giddings, J. and Giounanlis, P. and Hicks, P. and McCarthy, J. and McGinty, Sean and Moroney, K. and Nicholas, M. and O'Brien, S. and Pawlowska, B. and Richter, R. and Foged Schmidt, M. and Thomas, G. and Vynnycky, M. and Yavuz, B. (2013) Limerick Wave: Using flywheel technology to convert the power of the waves to electricity. [Study Group Report]

Cimpeanu, R. and Devine, M. and Donohue, J. and Hocking, G. and Holohan, N. and McCarthy, S. and van Wijk, S. (2013) Optimisation of bulk carrier loading and discharge. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 95 (Sofia, Bugaria, Sept 23-27, 2013)

Daskalova, N. and Mateev, P. and Zhelezova, S. (2013) Compressed representation of a partially defined integer function over multiple arguments. [Study Group Report]

Georgieva, I. and Hofreither, C. and Ilieva, T. and Ivanov, T. and Nakov, S. (2013) Laboratory calibration of a MEMS accelerometer sensor. [Study Group Report]

Marigonda, A. and Aleksov, D. and Idziak, J. and Georgiev, K. and Kozlowski, M. and Krastanov, M. and Veneva, M. and Sikora, M. and Angelov, S. (2013) Mini Max Wallpaper. [Study Group Report]

Ockendon, H. and Stoykov, S. and Zorawik, T. and Dimova, S. and Georgiev, I. and Kolkovska, N. and Todorov, M. and Vasileva, D. (2013) Prediction of sanding in subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs. [Study Group Report]

Peltekov, A. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Kozloski, M. and Varbanov, Z. and Minchev, Z. (2013) Optimization of the charging process in zinc hydrometallurgy. [Study Group Report]

Slavova, A. and Valkov, B. and Tonchev, K. and Daskalova, N. and Nikolova, M. and Bivas, M. and Mateev, P. and Yordanova, R. and Zhelezova, S. (2013) Estimation of errors in text and data processing. [Study Group Report]

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