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European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 100 (Oxford, UK, Apr 7-11, 2014)
UK Study Groups > ESGI 100 (Oxford, UK, Apr 7-11, 2014)

Allwright, D.J. and Botta, F. and Gibbs, A. and Piwarska, K. (2014) Agrifood Campaign Planning. [Study Group Report]

Barton, David (2014) Working with Compressed Video Data. [Study Group Report]

Caravenna, L. and Dewynne, J. and Farmer, C. and Jones, O. and Lund, C. O. and Melnik, S. and Pawlowska, B. and Wilson, E. (2014) Customer Focused Price Optimisation. [Study Group Report]

Chakrabarti, B. and Chakraborty, J. and Chapman, C. J. and Cummings, L.J. and Dondl, P. and Lapin, V. and Münch, A. and Piette, T. and Rafferty, T. and Saxton, M. (2014) Saturation in Liquid/Gas Coalescence. [Study Group Report]

Coskun, E. and Elson, T. and Lim, S. and Matthews, J. and Morris, G. and Nowaczyk, N. and Raanes, P. N. and Wind, D. K. (2014) Gabor Filter Selection and Computational Processing for Emotion Recognition. [Study Group Report]

Dalwadi, M. and Dubrovina, E. and Eisentraeger, A. and Lee, A. and Maestri, J. and Matejczyk, B. and O'Kiely, D. and Stamper, M. and Thomson, S. (2014) Toxic Chemical and their Neutralising Agents in Porous Media. [Study Group Report]

Gower, R. and Whittaker, Robert and Wykes, M. D. and Christmas, J. and Browne, P. and Van lent, J. and Gower, A. and Ghosh, S. (2014) Train Positioning Using Video Odometry. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, P D and Ceseri, M (2014) Gas flow rates through inert and chemically active porous beds. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 104 (Sofia, Bulgaria, Sep 23-27 2014)

Avdzhieva, A. and Aleksov, D. and Hristov, I. and Shegunov, N. and Marinov, P. (2014) Circular Arc Spline Approximation of Pointwise Curves for Use
in NC Programing.
[Study Group Report]

Baicheva, T. and Bikov, D. and Borissov, Y. and Lazarova, L. and Stojanova, A. and Stoykova, L. and Zhelezova, S. (2014) Finding an Effective Metric Used for Bijective S-Box Generation by Genetic Algorithms. [Study Group Report]

Bazhlekov, I. and Dimova, S. and Hjorth, P. and Ivanov, T. and Slavova, A. and Yordanova, R. (2014) Relaxation of Surface Tension After a Large Initial Perturbation. [Study Group Report]

Kounchev, O. and Todorov, M. and Georgieva, D. and Simeonov, N. and Kolev, V. (2014) Smoothing of Well Rates in Subsurface Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulators. [Study Group Report]

Nikolov, A. and Dimov, D. and Kolev, V. and Ivanov, M. and Ivanova, K. and Kounchev, O. and Bojkova, M. and Mateev, P. (2014) Effective recognition of the video pattern in a recorded video stream. [Study Group Report]

Politov, V. and Minchev, Z. and Crotti, P. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Bojkova, M. and Mateev, P. (2014) Cyber Threats Optimization for e-government Services. [Study Group Report]

Velikova, G. and Georgiev, I. and Veneva, M. (2014) Effect of the Precipitation of Acid Soap and Alkanoic Acid Crystallites on the Bulk pH. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 113 (Sofia, Bulgaria, Sep 14-18, 2014)

Aleksov, D. and Paskova, M. and Naidenov, N. and Marinov, P. (2014) Spline Intersection Improvement. [Study Group Report]

Avdzhieva, A. and Balabanov, T. and Evtimov, G and Kirova, D. and Kostadinov, H. and Tsachev, T. and Zhelezova, S. and Zlateva, N. (2014) Optimal Cutting Problem. [Study Group Report]

Bodurov, V and Dimov, D. and Evtimov, G and Georgiev, I. and Harizanov, S and Nikolov, G and Pirinski, V (2014) The 2D/3D Best-Fit Problem. [Study Group Report]

Iliev, P. and Stoykov, S. and Marković, B. and Datcheva, M. and Yovkov, L. and Liolios, K. and Menseidov, C. and Muething, N. and Barciaga, T. (2014) Rigorous and Approximated Solutions of the Consolidation Problem for a Soil Layer with Finite Thickness Under Cyclic Mechanical Loading. [Study Group Report]

Kolev, V. and Noncheva, V. and Valkov, V. and Ilieva, E. and Dobreva, M. (2014) Direct Ascription of Missing Categorical Values in Survey Research Data. [Study Group Report]

Margenov, S. and Velikova, E. and Revalski, J. (2014) Front Matter and Problem Statements. [Study Group Report]

Minchev, Z. and Dukov, G. and Ivanova, T. and Mihaylov, K. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Mateev, P. and Bojkova, M. and Daskalova, N. (2014) Cyber Intelligence in the Era of Big Data. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 99 (Novi Sad, Serbia, Feb 3-7, 2014)

Aleksić, J. and Lučić, D. and Nedeljkov, M. and Neumann, L. and Vojnović, I. and Zarin, Helena (2014) Improving defrosting prodecure for a frozen dough. [Study Group Report]

Bošnjak, I. and Krejić, N. and Milanović, M. and Nikolić, N. and Petković, P. and Rakić, D. (2014) Optimization of Collateral Value Distribution. [Study Group Report]

Broda, P. and Levajković, T. and Kresoja, M. and Marčeta, M. and Mena, H. and Nikolić, M. and Stojančević, T. (2014) Optimization of ATM filling-in with cash. [Study Group Report]

Danka, T. and Dénes, A. and Makay, G. and Nah, K. and Vizi, Z. and Aleksić, T. and Dražić, M. and Grohmann, S. and Ilin, V. and Ivanović, M. and Jovanović, I. and Veličković, M. and Bakoev, V. and Varbanov, Z. and Monev, V. and Hristova, M. and Bikov, D. and Stojanova, A. (2014) Synchronizing inventory and transport within supply chain management. [Study Group Report]

Desnica, Z. and Krejić, N. and Krklec Jerinkić, N. and Marković, B. and Nedeljkov, M. and Ovcin, Z. and Pavić-Čolić, M. and Piwarska, K. and Vla Panić, K. (2014) Optimization of commodity portfolio management. [Study Group Report]

Janicijevic, S. and Luzanin, Z. and Pereverzyev, S. and Stojkovska, I. and Tepavcevic, A. (2014) Credit Scorecard for Corporate Clients based on Industries. [Study Group Report]

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