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=, = (1986) Optimal train schedule / train length. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1985) Strategic planning and optimization in an open-cut coal mine. [Study Group Report]


Aldridge, C. and Chapman, S. J. and Gower, R. and Leese, R. and McDiarmid, C. and Shepherd, M. and Tuenter, H. and Wilson, H. and Zinober, A. Pattern Reduction in Paper Cutting. [Study Group Report]

Aldridge, C. and Leese, R. and Tuenter, H. and Chapman, S.J. and McDiarmid, C. and Wilson, H. and Gower, R. and Shepherd, M. and Zinober, A. (1996) Pattern Reduction in Paper Cutting. [Study Group Report]

Arculus, R. and Christiansen, M. and Devine, M. and Dempsey, C. and Fennell, J. and Gleeson, J. and Hunter, G. and O'Sullivan, K. and Nuttall, B. (2011) Electricity price predictability and quantifying customer suitability. [Study Group Report]


Boland, N. and Panton, D. (1995) Scheduling in the manufacture of evaporative air conditioners. [Study Group Report]

Booth, C. and Cummins, C. and Dalwadi, M. and Dellar, P. and Devereux, M. and Dewynne, J. and Donohue, J. and Duncan, A. and Fitzmaurice, F. and Gordon, A. and Hennessy, M. and Hinch, J. and Hickey, C. and Hjorth, P. and Kyrke-Smith, T. and Leahy, D. and Lee, W. and Lynch, E. and Mercier, O. and Miklavcic, S. and Russell, S. and Schwartz, L. and Shozi, B.F. and Swierczynski, P. and Timoney, C. and Tomczyk, J. and Warneford, E. (2012) Brewing of filter coffee. [Study Group Report]

Bošnjak, I. and Krejić, N. and Milanović, M. and Nikolić, N. and Petković, P. and Rakić, D. (2014) Optimization of Collateral Value Distribution. [Study Group Report]

Broda, P. and Levajković, T. and Kresoja, M. and Marčeta, M. and Mena, H. and Nikolić, M. and Stojančević, T. (2014) Optimization of ATM filling-in with cash. [Study Group Report]

Burke, M. and Cwalina, K. and Fitzmaurice, F. and Hajanirina Lord, N. and McCarthy, S. and Miller, J. and Morrison, J. and O'Brien, M. and O'Kiely, D. and Stanley, I. and Tobin, J. (2011) Predicting bus arrival times. [Study Group Report]


Cellai, D. and Cregan, V. and Curtis, M. and Fowler, A. and Hinch, J. and Hocking, G. and McGuinness, M. and Murnane, J. and O'Brien, S. and Smith, N. (2012) Particle size segregation in granular flow in silos. [Study Group Report]

Cruz, M and Moura, A and Orestes Cerdeira, J (2012) Service scheduling in garden maintenance. [Study Group Report]


Danka, T. and Dénes, A. and Makay, G. and Nah, K. and Vizi, Z. and Aleksić, T. and Dražić, M. and Grohmann, S. and Ilin, V. and Ivanović, M. and Jovanović, I. and Veličković, M. and Bakoev, V. and Varbanov, Z. and Monev, V. and Hristova, M. and Bikov, D. and Stojanova, A. (2014) Synchronizing inventory and transport within supply chain management. [Study Group Report]

Daskalova, N. and Mateev, P. and Zhelezova, S. (2013) Compressed representation of a partially defined integer function over multiple arguments. [Study Group Report]

Diakite, I. and DiLorenzo, T. and Edwards, D.A. and Emerick, B. and Fang, R. and Jing, F. and Li, L. and Miller, J. and Panaggio, M. and Peace, A. and Raymond, R. and Sun, Y. and Wolff, E. and Zumbrum, M. (2012) Fuel Cell Assembly Process Flow for High Productivity. [Study Group Report]


Evers, J and Kiss, D and Kowalczyk, W (2011) Node counting in wireless ad-hoc networks. [Study Group Report]


Fatima, T and Grzelak, L and Hendriks, H (2009) Approximate solution to a hybrid model with stochastic volatility: a singular-perturbation strategy. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Wilmott, P. (1991) Segregation of a Two Species Granular Flow. [Study Group Report]


Gils, S.A. and Iftime, O.V. and Ploeg, H. (2000) UMTS Network Planning - The Impact of User Mobility. [Study Group Report]

Gower, R. and Heydtmann, A. and Petersen, H. (1998) LEGO: Automated Model Construction. [Study Group Report]


Heilio, M. and Luczak, M. and Ommeren, J.C.W. and Scheinhardt, W.R.W. (2000) Multi-media Call Centres. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P. and Shontz, S. (2008) Model Order Reduction for Electronic Circuits: Mathematical and Physical Approaches. [Study Group Report]

Howlett, P. and Thompson, C. (1996) Modelling of selection and mating decisions in tree breeding programs. [Study Group Report]


Jaimungal, S. (2011) Car Centres Placement Problem. [Study Group Report]

Johnston, B. and Krishnamoorthy, M. (1996) Store capacity optimisation. [Study Group Report]


Krishnamoorthy, M. and Thompson, C. (1994) Gas field scheduling. [Study Group Report]


Larsen, J. C. and Rasmussen, H. and Sorensen, A. (1998) Danish Maritime Institute: Dynamic Positioning System. [Study Group Report]

Loewen, P. (1997) Optimal Lumber Production from Softwood Sawlogs. [Study Group Report]


Margenov, S. and Velikova, E. and Revalski, J. (2014) Front Matter and Problem Statements. [Study Group Report]

Murray, J. (1992) Optimal surface cutting. [Study Group Report]


Noble, D. and Sier, D. (1996) Blending methodologies in talc operations. [Study Group Report]


Palvolgyi, D and Csapo, G and Wortel, M (2011) Strategic bidding in a primary reserve auction. [Study Group Report]

Panton, D.M. and Beaumont, N. (1997) Optimisation of work flow. [Study Group Report]

Patel, R. (2011) Scheduling a future air transport system. [Study Group Report]

Peltekov, A. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Kozloski, M. and Varbanov, Z. and Minchev, Z. (2013) Optimization of the charging process in zinc hydrometallurgy. [Study Group Report]

Perran, J. and Wood, D. and Allwright, D.J. and Schou, M. and Luczak, M. and Zinober, A. and Felici, T. and Waugh, A. and Scarse, D. and Kretzscher, R. (1999) Strategic Resource Planning for Optimum Service Quality. [Study Group Report]

Poppe, K and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Blank, E (2010) Thruster Allocation for Dynamical Positioning. [Study Group Report]


Ralph, D. and Sier, D. (1994) Managing waiting lists and theatre scheduling for surgical procedures. [Study Group Report]

Ronkainen, T. and Ali, M.M. and Engelbrecht, M. (2006) Optimization of deliveries from distribution points. [Study Group Report]


van den Akker, M and Beelen, T and Bisseling, R (2011) Routing for analog chip designs at NXP Semiconductors. [Study Group Report]

van’t Hof, B and Molenaar, J and Ros, L and Zaal, M (2009) How to Mix Molecules with Mathematics. [Study Group Report]

vd. Fliert, B. and Meinsma, G. and Visser, T.P.P. and Peletier, M. (2000) An Internet Portal based on 'Twenty Questions'. [Study Group Report]


Winkler, J.R. (2000) Orthogonal Wavelets via Filter Banks: Theory and Applications. [Study Group Report]


Ziemer, C and Marczyska, K and Szczepanska, A (2009) An objective method to associate local weather extremes with characteristic circulation structures. [Study Group Report]

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