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European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 31 (Southampton, UK, Mar 22-27, 1998)

Bolchover, P. and Myers, T.G. and Peletier, M. and Wadee, M.A. (1998) Behaviour of Bentonite Clay in Toxic Waste Barriers. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C. and Gravesen, J. and Wilson, E. (1998) Efficient Implementation of Volterra Filters For De-interlacing TV Images. [Study Group Report]

Cooke, W. and Howell, P. (1998) Viscoelastic behaviour of glass and "fictive temperature". [Study Group Report]

Dewynne, J. (1998) Diffusion of Titanium Oxide into Sapphire. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Howell, P.D. (1998) An Improved Two-Phase Flow Model of the Compression of Paste Briquettes. [Study Group Report]

Hinch, E. J. (1998) Friction welding. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, A.A. (1998) Thermo-Electrical Stability in an Electrode. [Study Group Report]

McKee, S. (1998) Implementation of mass/heat transfer boundary conditions on a moving boundary. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 32 (Lyngby, Denmark, Aug 31-Sep 4, 1998)

=, = (1998) Scroll Optimization. [Study Group Report]

Andreasen, V. and Brons, M. and Hjorth, P. and Hogan, J. and Wood, D. (1998) Grundfos: Chlorination of Swimming Pools. [Study Group Report]

Gower, R. and Heydtmann, A. and Petersen, H. (1998) LEGO: Automated Model Construction. [Study Group Report]

Gravesen, J. and Henriksen, C. and Howell, P. (1998) Danfoss: Scroll Optimization. [Study Group Report]

Greene, G. and Greene, R. and Markvorsen, S. and Nielson, H. B. and Rogen, P. and Sinclair, R. and Unstrup, M. (1998) SCANtechnology: Feature Recognition for Automated Sculpture Reproduction. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, A.A. and Sorensen, M. (1998) DANISCO: Temperature and Moisture Gradients in Sugar Silos. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, Andrew and Sorensen, Mads Peter (1998) Temperature and Moisture Gradients in Sugar Silos. [Study Group Report]

Larsen, J. C. and Rasmussen, H. and Sorensen, A. (1998) Danish Maritime Institute: Dynamic Positioning System. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 33 (Leiden, Netherlands, Sep 14-18, 1999)

=, = (1998) Laser drilling. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) Stability of Stationary Velocity Profiles in Fiber Spinning. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) Thermally Pressing Corner Profiles. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) Throughput of ADSL Modems. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) To t or not to t ? [Study Group Report]

Schreuder, Jan and van de Fliert, Barbera and Molenaar, Jaap (1998) Detection of Metastases in Human Lungs from CT-Scans. [Study Group Report]

Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > IPSW 2 (Calgary, Canada, Jun 1-5, 1998)

Budd, Chris and Stockie, John (1998) Tripwire Detection for Landmines. [Study Group Report]

Gaur, Daya (1998) An Optimal Strategy for Maintaining Excess Capacity. [Study Group Report]

Kuske, Rachel and Lyder, David and Samuel, Jonathan and Soteros, Chris and Wolfe, David (1998) Automatic Detection of Egg Shell Cracks. [Study Group Report]

Paulhus, Mark (1998) Inventory Optimization using a Renewal Model for Sales. [Study Group Report]

Seymour, Brian (1998) A Problem in Petroleum Reservoir Simulation. [Study Group Report]

Webster, Paul (1998) On Seismic Imaging: Geodesics, Isochrons, and Fermat's Principle. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, Rex (1998) Torsion in Multistrand Cables. [Study Group Report]

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