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Canadian Biomedical Problem Solving Workshop > 1st Canadian Biomedical Problem Solving Workshop (Toronto, Canada, Jun 22-26, 2009)

Anvari, V. and Atapour, M. and Bourouiba, L. and Caudillo Mata, L. A. and Collinson, S. and Johnson, A. and Madras, N. and Miasnikof, P. and Ramirez Ramirez, L. L. and Sanchez-Bravo, I. (2009) Mathematical Models for Estimating the Risk of vCJD Transmission. [Study Group Report]

Aruliah, D. and Donaldson, R. D. and Drapaca, C. S. and Sanchez, A. (2009) Constitutive Models for Tumour Classification. [Study Group Report]

Begg, R. and Wilkie, K. (2009) A Mechanism for Ventricular Expansion in Communicating Hydrocephalus. [Study Group Report]

Komarova, S. V. and Lopez, M. and Miura, R. M. and Qazi, S. and Wall, D. J. N. (2009) Mediators of mechanotransduction between bone cells. [Study Group Report]

Morfin, M. and Bohun, C. S. and Wattis, J. (2009) Control of Calcium Carbonate Crystallization by a Serum Protein. [Study Group Report]

Tilley, B. S. (2009) Sodium Flux during Haemodialysis. [Study Group Report]

US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 25th MPI [Delaware 15/6/2009 - 19/6/2009]

Aralumallige, Deepak and Braun, Richard and Churchill, Aaron and Halliwell, Garry and Levinson, Michael and Li, Qingxia and Please, Colin and Rivas, Ivonne and Wang, Yi and Weber, Romann and Witelski, Tom (2009) Examination of optimizing information flow in networks. [Study Group Report]

Bell, J. and Breward, C. and Chou, T. and Fok, P.-W. and Haugh, J. M. and Li, Q. and Rossi, L. and Walter, A. and Yang, X. and Zemlyanova, A. and Zhang, N. (2009) Mathematical models for vulnerable plaques. [Study Group Report]

Braun, Richard and Breward, Chris and Cook, L. Pamela and Cromer, Mike and Edwards, David A. and Hibdon, Joseph and Please, Colin and Taroni, Michele and Zhang, Shangyou (2009) Development and Persistence of 'Static' or 'Dead' Zones in Flows. [Study Group Report]

Cargill, D. and Fehribach, J. and Lin, T-S and Please, Colin and Raymond, C. and Schwendeman, D. and Skorczewski, T. and Tilley, B. and Witelski, T. and Wrobel, J. and Wang, J. and Zhang, S. (2009) Homogenization of the Equations Governing the Flow Between a Slider and a Rough Spinning Disk. [Study Group Report]

Australian and New Zealand Mathematics in Industry Study Group > 26th MISG [Wollongong 27/1/2009 - 31/1/2009]
Australian and New Zealand Mathematics in Industry Study Group > 26th MISG [Wollongong 27/1/2009 - 31/1/2009]

Anderssen, Bob and Fowkes, Neville and Hickson, Roslyn and McGuinness, Mark (2009) Analysis of coil slumping. [Study Group Report]

Chiarella, Carl and Svec, Jiri and Stevenson, Max (2009) Diagnostic testing for earnings simulation engines in the Australian electricity market. [Study Group Report]

Hocking, Graeme and Sweatman, Winston and Roberts, Melanie and Fitt, Alistair (2009) Coating deformations in the continuous hot-dipped galvanizing process. [Study Group Report]

Kilby, Philip and Lun, Desmond and Nguyen, Giang (2009) Multipoint-to-multipoint network communication. [Study Group Report]

Pritchard, Geoffrey and Moloney, Paul and Russell, Ken and Whiten, Bill (2009) Provenance of sedimentary rocks. [Study Group Report]

Claremont Colleges Math-in-Industry Workshop > Claremont Colleges Math-in-Industry Workshop 2009

Ahmed, Saleem and Breward, Chris and Crowdy, Darren and Cumberbatch, Ellis and Davis, Anthony and Fehribach, Joseph D. and Grigsby, Mike and Hall, Cameron and Smith, Stefan Llewellyn (2009) Compact Modeling for a Double Gate MOSFET. [Study Group Report]

Belkine, Anna and Kim, Eun Heui and Lin, Florence J. and Nanda, Seema and Shi, Pei-Zhe and Stock, Brian and Tudor, Carissa (2009) Procedure for improving wildfire simulations using observations. [Study Group Report]

Bhan, Ashish and Kesir, Mustafa and Malioutov, Mikhail B. (2009) Identifying Bio-markers for EcoArray. [Study Group Report]

Chang, Jen-Mei and Drakes, Chiaka and Huang, Erya and Langat, Deidrey and McGrath, Joseph and Morabito, Mark and Pacheco, Jose and Rodriguez, Nancy and Salazar, Daniel and Vemuri, Rao and Vu, Man and Wadhar, Hem and Wu, Qin (2009) A two-base encoded DNA sequence alignment problem in computational biology. [Study Group Report]

Daneshbod, Yousef and Kominiarczuk, Jakub and Kreykes, Jason and Nadim, Ali (2009) Akonni Biosystems: Wicking in Microchannels on Biochips. [Study Group Report]

Feldman, W. and Gu, W. and Limon, A. and Kandes, M. and Kang, W. and Rezaei, M. (2009) Optimization Techniques for the Power Beaming Analysis of Microwave Transmissions from a Space-Based Solar Power Satellite. [Study Group Report]

Miraghaie, Reza and Abouali, M. and Breward, C. and Chan, I. and Ellis, A. and Fehribach, J. and Gratton, M. B. and Matusik, K. (2009) The dynamics of liquid slugs forced by a syringe pump. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 67 (Wageningen, Netherlands, Jan 26-30, 2009) (SWI 2009)

Archer, C and van Daalen, E and Dobbersch ̈tz, S (2009) Dynamical Models of Extreme Rolling of Vessels in Head Waves. [Study Group Report]

Fatima, T and Grzelak, L and Hendriks, H (2009) Approximate solution to a hybrid model with stochastic volatility: a singular-perturbation strategy. [Study Group Report]

Ziemer, C and Marczyska, K and Szczepanska, A (2009) An objective method to associate local weather extremes with characteristic circulation structures. [Study Group Report]

van Beckum, F and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Boettche, S (2009) Stiffening while drying. [Study Group Report]

van Mourik, S and Bierkens, J and Stigter, H (2009) DHV water pumping optimization. [Study Group Report]

van’t Hof, B and Molenaar, J and Ros, L and Zaal, M (2009) How to Mix Molecules with Mathematics. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 68 (Southampton, UK, Mar 30-Apr 3, 2009)

Allwright, David and Blount, Maurice and Gramberg, Heike and Hewitt, Ian and Aminu, Abdulhadi and Breward, Chris and Broda, Piotr and Byatt-Smith, John and Catt, Chris and Chutsagulprom, Nawinda and Fehribach, Joe and Hickson, Roslyn and Hjorth, Poul and Morgan, Cara and Morones, Rafael and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Reis, Tim and Sibley, David and KinPo Tam, Peter and Thompson, Alice (2009) Reaction-diffusion models of decontamination. [Study Group Report]

Armour, Tristram and Allwright, David and Cawthorn, Chris and Dent, Chris and Dewynne, Jeff and Fehribach, Joseph and Fay, Gemma and Lees-Miller, John and Van lent, Jan and Ward, Jonathan and Whittaker, Robert (2009) Chauffeur braking. [Study Group Report]

Hazelwood, Vera and Byatt Smith, John and Fiedler, Juliusz and Lacey, Andrew and Leppinen, David and Morones-Escobar, Rafael and Pachon, Ricardo and Please, Colin (2009) Human Decompression Modelling. [Study Group Report]

Jones, Marvin and Barton, David and Hall, Cameron and Coskun, Erhan and Lacey, Andrew and Lorenz, Maike and Maringer, Johannes and Please, Colin and Richardson, Giles (2009) Oil price cycle and sensitivity model. [Study Group Report]

Jones, Marvin and Barton, David and Hall, Cameron and Coskun, Erhan and Lacey, Andrew and Lorenz, Maike and Maringer, Johannes and Please, Colin and Richardson, Giles (2009) Underreamer mechanics. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 70 (Limerick, Ireland, Jun 28-Jul 3, 2009)

Bandeira, A. and Bell, C.G. and Charpin, J.P.F. and Gaburro, R. and Soussi, S. and Wilson, R.E. (2009) Solar Reector Design. [Study Group Report]

Borg, K. and Cregan, V. and Fowler, A. and McGuinness, M. and O'Brien, S. and Schwartz, L.W. and Zubkov, V. (2009) Partial Wetting Phenomenon in Superhydrophobic Microchannels. [Study Group Report]

Burke, M. and Chapwanya, M. and Doherty, K. and Hewitt, I. and Korobeinikov, A. and Meere, M. and McCarty, S. and O'Brien, M. and Tuoi, V.T.N. and Winstanley, H. (2009) Improvement of Energy Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment. [Study Group Report]

Carey, M. and Houghton, C. and Jablonska, M. and Kinsella, J. (2009) Uplift Quadratic Program in Irish Electricity Price Setting. [Study Group Report]

Hewitt, I. and Lacey, A.A. and Mellgren, N. and Vynnycky, M. and Robinson, M. and Cooker, M. (2009) Designing a Green Roof for Ireland. [Study Group Report]

Power, O.A. and Lee, W. and Fowler, A.C. and Dellar, P. and Schwartz, L.W. and Lukaschuk, S. and Lessells, G. and Hegarty, A.F. and O'Sullivan, M. and Liu, Y. (2009) The initiation of Guinness. [Study Group Report]

Richardson, G. and Cooker, M. and Delaney, N. and Hanley, K. and Hjorth, P. and Mackey, D. and Mason, J. and Mitchell, S. and O'Sullivan, C. (2009) Particle Impact Analysis of Bulk Powder During Pneumatic Conveyance. [Study Group Report]

Ward, J.A. and Lapin, V. and Lee, W. (2009) The Eect of Mechanical Loading on the Frequency of an Oscillator Circuit. [Study Group Report]

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