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=, = (1993) Delay to flights from UK airports caused by Air Traffic Control restrictions. [Study Group Report]

=, = (2000) Numerical predictions for submarine sound. [Study Group Report]


Alam, Mahbubul and Almond, Darryl and Budd, Chris and Hill, Andrew and Schwetlick, Hartmut (2007) An interpolation tool for aircraft surface pressure data. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. and Chen, Yujia and Gower, Artur and Lam, Kei Fong and Chakhchoukh, Amine and Cowley, Stephen and Alistair, Forbes and Guterman, Alexander and Hammerton, Paul and Jia, Dewei and Klimek, Aleksander and McCarthy, Michael and Rockstroh, Parousia and Ziolo, Piotr (2012) Efficient description of shape perturbations. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Blount, Maurice and Gramberg, Heike and Hewitt, Ian and Aminu, Abdulhadi and Breward, Chris and Broda, Piotr and Byatt-Smith, John and Catt, Chris and Chutsagulprom, Nawinda and Fehribach, Joe and Hickson, Roslyn and Hjorth, Poul and Morgan, Cara and Morones, Rafael and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Reis, Tim and Sibley, David and KinPo Tam, Peter and Thompson, Alice (2009) Reaction-diffusion models of decontamination. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Gould, Tim and Gravesen, Jens and Leese, Robert and Petersen, Henrik (2006) Graph colouring for office blocks. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Jones, Gareth and Parnell, William (2006) Acoustic scattering from a strained region. [Study Group Report]

Armour, Tristram and Andrianjafinandrasana, Misaina and Barton, David and Billingham, John and Sibley, David and Theil, Florian and Peremezhney, Nicholai and Przemyslaw, Switalski and Ranner, Tom (2010) Emitter-Platform Association. [Study Group Report]


Balanov, A. and Janson, N. and Wang, C. and Wiercigroch, M. (2002) Multiple delay differential systems in a sensing problem. [Study Group Report]

Barton, David and Ockendon, H. and Piette, Bernard and Whittaker, Robert and Campillo-Funollet, Eduard and Jeffrey, Mike and Ockendon, John and Walsh, E. (2018) New Techniques for Composite Wing Manufacture. [Study Group Report]

Barton, David and Wood, David (2007) Shimmy in aircraft landing gear. [Study Group Report]

Bijvank, Marco and Dobber, Menno and Soomer, Maarten and Botton, Quentin and de le Court, Eléonore and Van den Schrieck, Jean-Christophe and de Viron, Moïra and Cisneros-Molina, Myriam and Schmitz, Klaus and van der Hofstad, Remco and Jochemsz, Ellen and Mussche, Tim and Summer, Martin and Hoekstra, Maroescha and Mulder, Jeroen and Paelinck, Mark (2005) Planning drinking water for airplanes. [Study Group Report]

Brambley, Ed and Fletcher, Helen and Hill, Roger and Johnston, Ifan and Liu, Jessie and MacKay, Robert and Mathews, J. and Ockendon, John and Piette, Bernard (2017) Measuring Vibrations from Video Feeds. [Study Group Report]

Breward, Chris and Huang, Huaxiong (2007) Resource allocation. [Study Group Report]

Brussee, R and Darau, M and Dworczynska, M (2010) Position Estimating in Peer-to-Peer Networks. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris (2007) Height-volume characteristics of a fuel tank. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris and Hill, Andrew and Andre Leger, Andre (2004) National Air Traffic Services. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris and Stockie, John (1998) Tripwire Detection for Landmines. [Study Group Report]

Burton, D. and Mihai, A. (2002) Predicting the Impact Point of a Falling Body. [Study Group Report]


Champneys, A. (2003) Helicopter tail rotor instability. [Study Group Report]

Coates, Mark and de Freitas, Nando and Moreau, Francis and Oreshkin, Boris and Pugh, Mary (2007) Recognized Maritime Picture: Geofeasibility Scores. [Study Group Report]

Croci, Matteo and Morawiecki, P. and Prater, John and Sulzer, Valentin and Theil, Florian (2017) Classification of Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Data. [Study Group Report]


Dellar, P. and Howell, P.D. (2001) Shock-free Supersonic Transport. [Study Group Report]


Edwards, D. A. (2006) Development of a Quaternion-Based Algorithm to Process Data in Robotics Applications. [Study Group Report]


Feldman, W. and Gu, W. and Limon, A. and Kandes, M. and Kang, W. and Rezaei, M. (2009) Optimization Techniques for the Power Beaming Analysis of Microwave Transmissions from a Space-Based Solar Power Satellite. [Study Group Report]


Gardener, Tim (2007) Managing Product Maturity. [Study Group Report]

Gardener, Tim (2007) Runway Visual Range. [Study Group Report]

Gaur, Daya (1998) An Optimal Strategy for Maintaining Excess Capacity. [Study Group Report]

Gower, A.L. (2012) Detecting Geometric Faults from Measured Data. [Study Group Report]


Hecht, C. and Hewitt, D. and Piwarska, K. and Smith, L. and Thompson, E. and Wilson, E. (2013) Validating an Operations Centre Model. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, P. and Hall, C. (2011) Modelling the effect of friction on explosives. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, Poul (2007) Aggregation of stochastic models. [Study Group Report]

Hocking, Graeme and Stokes, Yvonne and Sweatman, Winston (2005) Implementing Lanier's patents for stable, safe and economical ultra-short wing vacu- and para-planes. [Study Group Report]


Jeoffreys, M.C. (2004) Discrimination and identification of unexploded ordinances (UXO) using airborne magnetic gradients. [Study Group Report]


Kilby, Philip and Tobin, Patrick and Luscombe, Ruth and Barry, Steven I. and Hickson, Roslyn (2007) The maritime surveillance problem. [Study Group Report]


Ockendon, J.R. (1968) Oxford Study Groups with Industry (1968-1988) - 6 reports. [Study Group Report]


Panton, D.M. and Beaumont, N. (1997) Optimisation of work flow. [Study Group Report]

Paulhus, Mark (1998) Inventory Optimization using a Renewal Model for Sales. [Study Group Report]

Politov, V. and Minchev, Z. and Crotti, P. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Bojkova, M. and Mateev, P. (2014) Cyber Threats Optimization for e-government Services. [Study Group Report]


Sargent, Cristina and Cawthorn, Chris and Cupples, G. and Devane, E. and Devine, M. and Holloway, C. and Klaise, J. and Mathews, J. and Nazar, F. and Olszowiec, C. and Poon, C. and Peng, G. and Van lent, J. and Walsh, E. (2015) Flight Efficiency in European Airspace. [Study Group Report]

Stoffer, R. and Stolk, C. and Rienstra, S.W. and Jansen, J.K.M. (1999) Windtunnel model position and orientation. [Study Group Report]


T., Armour (2011) Analytical solutions for compartmental models of contaminant transport in enclosed spaces. [Study Group Report]

Tilley, B. S. (2006) Mosaic Maps: 2D Information from Perspective Data. [Study Group Report]


Yewchuk, Kerianne and Ketelsen, Christian and Limon, Alfonso and Mileyko, Yuryi (2003) Tracking and Identifying of Multiple Targets. [Study Group Report]


Zyskin, Maxim and Nixon, Adam and Dolniak, Maria and Church, Lewis and Roper, Ian and Piwarska, K. and Pooley, Ben and Baker, Simon and Hjorth, P. and Roy, Thomas (2017) How Do We Mitigate Against a Marauding Terrorist? [Study Group Report]

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