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US Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry > 15th MPI [Delaware 7/6/1999 - 11/6/1999]

Borne, Thomas and Cross, Danielle and Du, Gang and Edwards, David A. and Haus, Joe and King, John and Lacey, Andrew and Monk, Peter and Please, Colin and Tran, Hoa (1999) Interference Filters for Thermo-photovoltaic Applications. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S. (1999) Design and loading of dragline buckets. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Schwendeman, D. (1999) The Dynamics of a Roll Press Nip. [Study Group Report]

French, D.A. and Pelesko, J.A. and Braun, R. (1999) A Mathematical Model for Epitaxial Semiconductor Crystal Growth from the Vapor Phase on a Masked Substrate. [Study Group Report]

Witelski, T. (1999) Design of planar coils of minimum resistance for magnetic recording devices. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 35 (Odense, Denmark, Feb 23-27, 1999)

Dellar, P. (1999) Mixing in the downward displacement of a turbulent wash by a laminar spacer or cement slurry. [Study Group Report]

Howell, P.D. and Bolchover, P. (1999) The evaluation of fish freshness by pressure testing. [Study Group Report]

Perran, J. and Wood, D. and Allwright, D.J. and Schou, M. and Luczak, M. and Zinober, A. and Felici, T. and Waugh, A. and Scarse, D. and Kretzscher, R. (1999) Strategic Resource Planning for Optimum Service Quality. [Study Group Report]

Stokes, N. and Allwright, D.J. (1999) Sunroof Boom. [Study Group Report]

European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 36 (Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nov 15-19, 1999)

Hek, G. and Lunter, G. and Schreuder, J.A.M. and White, J. (1999) Route information from a central route planner. [Study Group Report]

Stoffer, R. and Stolk, C. and Rienstra, S.W. and Jansen, J.K.M. (1999) Windtunnel model position and orientation. [Study Group Report]

van Beckum, F.P.H. and Boersma, J. and Habets, L.C.G.J.M. and Meinsma, G. and Molenaar, J. and Schilders, W.H.A and van de Ven, A.A.F. (1999) On compact models for high-voltage MOS devices. [Study Group Report]

van de Fliert, B.W. and van den Berg, J.B. (1999) Displacement of a viscoplastic fluid in an inclined slot. [Study Group Report]

Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > IPSW 3 (Victoria, Canada, May 31-Jun 4, 1999)

Bona, Andrej and Laflamme, Claude (1999) Classification of Chemical Compound Pharmacophore Structures. [Study Group Report]

Myers, Tim and Brannan, Jim (1999) Density Driven Turbulent Mixing at Batch Interfaces. [Study Group Report]

Palacios, Luz and Aggarwala, Rita (1999) Optimal Control for Multi-variable Problems. [Study Group Report]

Stockie, John (1999) Contaminant Transport in Municipial Water Systems. [Study Group Report]

Tsao, Min and Aggarwala, Rita and Aurag, Hassan and Paulhus, Marc (1999) Efficient Portfolio Selection. [Study Group Report]

Watmough, James (1999) Dynamics of Large Mining Excavators. [Study Group Report]

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