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Almeida, Jorge and Cerdeira, J. Orestes and Cruz, Manuel and Vasconcelos, Paulo B. (2008) Warehouse Storing and Collecting of Parts. [Study Group Report]

Ambati, Vijaya Raghav and Asheim, Andreas and van den Berg, Jan Bouwe and van Gennip, Yves and Gerasimov, Tymofiy and Hlod, Andriy and Planque, Bob and van der Schans, Martin and van der Stelt, Sjors and Rivera, Michelangelo Vargas (2008) Some studies on the deformation of the membrane in an RF MEMS switch. [Study Group Report]

Anderson, D. M. and Bohun, C. S. and Breward, C. and Fehribach, J. D. and Melara, L. and Please, C.P. and Richardson, G. and Vernescu, B. and Arroyo, A. and Bellsky, T. and Bui Boi, A. M. and Chi, H. and Cipcigan, I. and Franklin, M. and Nguyen, L. and Siddique, J. and Swaminathan, S. and Trichtchenko, O. and Wang, Y. and Zhang, C. (2008) Modelling Li+ Ion Battery Electrode Properties. [Study Group Report]

Andrade, Violeta and Avramidis, Thanos and Dewynne, Jeff and Howison, Sam and Lacey, Andrew and Licea, Daniela and Patidar, Sandhya and Pototsky, Andrey and Smith, Honora and Tambue, Antoine and Allwright, David (2008) Wind farm output. [Study Group Report]

Apple, Rosemary and Cawthorn, Chris and Yee Chan, Kwan and Lachish, Oded and Nonnenmacker, Achim and Porter, Mason A. and Reboux, Sylvain and Hazelwood, Vera (2008) Overcoming data sparsity. [Study Group Report]

Archer, Claude and Hochstenbach, Michiel and Hoede, Kees and Meinsma, Gjerrit and Meijer, Hil and Ali Salah, Albert and Stolk, Chris and Swist, Tomasz and Zyprych, Joanna (2008) Neural spike sorting with spatio-temporal features. [Study Group Report]

Arino, J. (2008) Optimal Treatment Rate During an Influenza Pandemic in the Presence of Drug-Resistance Emergence. [Study Group Report]

Besseling, Niels and Bokhove, Onno and Kolechkina, Alla and Molenaar, Jaap and van Nooyen, Ronald and Rottschafer, Vivi and Stein, Alfred and Stoorvogel, Anton (2008) Math Fights Flooding. [Study Group Report]

Blount, Maurice and Dellar, Paul and Gravesen, Jens and MacLaurin, James and McBurnie, Sarah and Stewart, Andrew and Szotten, David and Whittaker, Robert and Wood, Dave and Leese, Robert (2008) Accuracy of a video odometry system for trains. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. S. (2008) Interfacial Behaviour in Tunnel Engineering. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C. and Cumberbatch, E. and Cummings, L. J. and Please, C. and Richardson, G. and Schwendeman, D. W. and Tilley, B. S. and Ahmed, S. and Fosse, E. and Gewecke, N. and Guevara, A. and Xu, K. (2008) Evolution of an elliptical bubble in an accelerating extensional flow. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C. and Heffernan, J. and Madras, N. and Miura, R. and Sorensen, M. (2008) Discovery and Assessment of New Target Sites for Anti-HIV Therapies. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C J and Hewitt, Ian and Mitchell, Sarah and Coles, Chris and Rankin, James and Rodrigues, David and O’Brien, Mick and McKee, Sean and Vynnycky, Michael and King, John and McGinty, Sean (2008) Laser Welding of a Stent. [Study Group Report]

Cawse, Kerry-Anne and Damelin, Steven and du Plessis, Louis and McIntyre, Richard and Mitchley, Michael and Michael, Sears (2008) An investigation of data compression techniques for hyperspectral core imager data. [Study Group Report]

Cerdeira, J. Orestes and Charters, T. and Cruz, M. and Freitas, P. and Vasconcelos, P.B. (2008) Report on "Scheduling in a factory". [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J. P. F. and Fowkes, N. and Khalique, M. and Mason, D. P. and Myers, T. G. and Mureithi, E. and Sjoberg, A. and Vakaskar, D. C. (2008) Wrinkling of paper labels on beer bottles. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, Jean and Cregan, Vincent and Gleeson, James and Hayes, Michael and Lee, William and O'Brien, Stephen and Vynnycky, Michael (2008) Spin-coating on nanoscale topography and phase separation of diblock copolymers. [Study Group Report]

Chiu-Webster, Sunny and Dyson, Rosemary and Parker, David and Vella, Dominic and Whittaker, Robert (2008) The pull-off test for viscoelastic soft solids. [Study Group Report]

Cisneros-Molina, M. and Huang, H. and Salisbury, T. (2008) Evaluation of Target Date Funds. [Study Group Report]

Cooker, Mark and Dellar, Paul (2008) An Investigation into the Physics of Blowing Polysilicon Fuses. [Study Group Report]

Cumberbatch, E. and Cummings, L.J. and Ferguson, P. and Mercer, I. and Please, C.P. and Tilley, B. and Altalli, R. and Cao, L. and Chen, F. and Li, S. and Liang, H. and Liu, Y. and Miller, J. and Nguyen, L. and Salem, M. and Vu, P.D. and Watt, J. and Yang, Y. (2008) Do the Barker Codes End? [Study Group Report]

Dewynne, Jeff and Davy, Pam (2008) Optimal Hedging Strategies for Australian Electricity Retailers. [Study Group Report]

Dewynne, Jeff and Fischer, Tom and Howison, Sam and Kulesza, Kamil and Lacey, Andrew and Piwarska, Karina and Wilkie, David and Zyskin, Maxim and MacDonald, Angus (2008) Estimating the volatility of property assets. [Study Group Report]

Fowkes, N. and Mureithi, E. (2008) Rockbursts and mud. [Study Group Report]

Fowler, Andrew and Gonzalez, Maria and Hegarty, Alan and King, John and Ockendon, Hilary and O’Brien, Stephen and Robinson, Marguerite and Shishkin, G. I. and Tocher, David and Wang, Qi (2008) Acid Polishing of Lead Crystal Glass. [Study Group Report]

Hewett, David and Hicks, Peter and Howell, Peter and Fiedler, Juliusz and Ockendon, John and Pachon, Ricardo and Smith, Honora and Wilson, Eddie and Armour, Tristram (2008) Dynamic clusters (Dynamic Location of Phone Call Clusters). [Study Group Report]

Hewitt, Ian and Taroni, Michele and Slim, Anja and Byatt-Smith, John and Ockendon, John and Howell, Peter and Bauer, Robert and Somani, Sapna and Blyth, Mark and Parau, Emilian and Purvis, Richard and Parker, David and Hjorth, Poul and Duursma, Gail (2008) Freeze protection in gasholders. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P. and Shontz, S. (2008) Model Order Reduction for Electronic Circuits: Mathematical and Physical Approaches. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P.G. and King, J. and Korobeinikov, A. and Mason, J. and McKee, S. and Wilson, S. (2008) Stryker Osteonics: Prosthetic Knee Joint. [Study Group Report]

Hocking, Graeme and Jakeman, John and Sexton, Jane and Wand, Matt (2008) Tsunami risk modelling for Australia: understanding the impact of data. [Study Group Report]

Lange, Tony and Banda, M. K. and Ngnotchouye, J.-M. T. (2008) Time domain simulations of dynamic river networks. [Study Group Report]

Litvak, Nelly and Altaf, Muhammad Umer and Barbu, Alina and Jain, Sudhir and Miretskiy, Denis and Mohammadi, Leila and Onur, Ertan and panhuis, Jos in ’t and Sumihar, Julius Harry and Vellekoop, Michel and van Wijk, Sandra and Bisseling, Rob (2008) Increasing Detection Performance of Surveillance Sensor Networks. [Study Group Report]

McGuinness, Mark and Sweatman, Winston and Baowan, Duangkamon and Barry, Steve (2008) Annealing steel coils. [Study Group Report]

Mercer, Geoff and Wilkins, Andy and Crook, Jonathan and Barry, Steve and Fowler, Andrew (2008) The shelf life of wine. [Study Group Report]

Myers, T. G. and Charpin, J. P. F. and Muchatibaya, G. and Ndaba, C. and Tshehla, S. (2008) Flow of a yield stress fluid through a notch (Modelling notch flow of viscous non-Newtonian fluids). [Study Group Report]

O'Keefe, Christine M. and Haslett, Stephen and Steel, David and Chambers, Ray (2008) Table builder problem - confidentiality for linked tables. [Study Group Report]

Ramsey, David (2008) On the Estimation of the Distribution of Power Generated at a Wind Farm using Forecast Data. [Study Group Report]

Tsuil, L. K. and Chadam, J. (2008) Portfolio Optimization. [Study Group Report]

Whiten, Bill and Fulford, Glenn and Hickson, Roslyn and Pritchard, Geoff (2008) The response of power systems to autonomous ``grid friendly'' devices. [Study Group Report]

ten Cate, Andreas and Geurts, Bernard J. and Muskulus, Michael and Koster, Daniel and Muntean, Adrian and van Opheusden, Joost and Peschansky, Alex and Vreman, Bert and Zegeling, Paul (2008) Modeling and simulation of phase-transitions in multicomponent aluminum alloy casting. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, Marjan and Baarsma, Hilbrandt and Hurink, Johann and Modelski, Maciej and Jan Paulus, Jacob and Reijnen, Ingrid and Roozemond, Dan and Schreuder, Jan (2008) Shunting passenger trains: getting ready for departure. [Study Group Report]

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