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Study Group Report

Al-Izzi, Sami and Broggi, Francesco and Cimpeanu, R. and Connellan, Lloyd and Gowers, Robert and Hunt, Mat and Lunz, Davin and Moore, Matthew and Ockendon, John and Pereira, Victoria and Sprittles, James and Warrington, Rachael (2017) Mathematical Modelling of the Impact of Liquid Properties on Droplet Size from Flat Fan Nozzles. [Study Group Report]

Aldridge, C. and Dewynne, J. and Riley, D. (1991) Filtering of combustion products in airbags. [Study Group Report]

Andreasen, V. and Brons, M. and Hjorth, P. and Hogan, J. and Wood, D. (1998) Grundfos: Chlorination of Swimming Pools. [Study Group Report]

Archer, C and van Daalen, E and Dobbersch ̈tz, S (2009) Dynamical Models of Extreme Rolling of Vessels in Head Waves. [Study Group Report]

Audet, M. and Young, A. and Larsen, D. and Ockendon, H. (1990) Fouling layers on heat exchangers with temperature dependent viscosity. [Study Group Report]

Barton, N. (1992) Atomisation of molten Zinc. [Study Group Report]

Bazhlekov, I. and Dimova, S. and Hjorth, P. and Ivanov, T. and Slavova, A. and Yordanova, R. (2014) Relaxation of Surface Tension After a Large Initial Perturbation. [Study Group Report]

Benham, Graham and Frolkovič, Peter and Ivanov, Tihomir and Mondal, Raka and Mondal, Sourav and Rottschäfer, Vivi and Kaouri, Katerina and Papageorgiou, Demetrios and Nikolopoulos, C. and Ockendon, H. and Christodoulides, Paul and Riseth, Asbjørn Nilsen and Lacey, A.A. (2017) Mathematical modelling of the Germasogeia aquifer. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. S. and Breward, C.J.W. and Cummings, L.J. and Witelski, T. (2010) Two problems on the flow of viscous sheets of molten glass. [Study Group Report]

Booth, C. and Cummins, C. and Dalwadi, M. and Dellar, P. and Devereux, M. and Dewynne, J. and Donohue, J. and Duncan, A. and Fitzmaurice, F. and Gordon, A. and Hennessy, M. and Hinch, J. and Hickey, C. and Hjorth, P. and Kyrke-Smith, T. and Leahy, D. and Lee, W. and Lynch, E. and Mercier, O. and Miklavcic, S. and Russell, S. and Schwartz, L. and Shozi, B.F. and Swierczynski, P. and Timoney, C. and Tomczyk, J. and Warneford, E. (2012) Brewing of filter coffee. [Study Group Report]

Borg, K. and Cregan, V. and Fowler, A. and McGuinness, M. and O'Brien, S. and Schwartz, L.W. and Zubkov, V. (2009) Partial Wetting Phenomenon in Superhydrophobic Microchannels. [Study Group Report]

Bradley, A. and Cooker, M.J. and Dellar, P.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Fowler, A.C. and Keener, J.P. and King, J.R. and Lacey, A.A. and Lee, W.T. and Mitchell, S.L. and Richardson, G. and Vynnycky, M. (2011) Foam formation in the plastics industry. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Griffiths, I. and Potter, H. and Taroni, M. (2011) Matched Asymptotic Solutions of Glass Temperature Profiles During Optical Fibre Drawing. [Study Group Report]

Burns, S. and Chapwanya, M. and Cummins, C. and Dellar, P. and Giddings, J. and Giounanlis, P. and Hicks, P. and McCarthy, J. and McGinty, Sean and Moroney, K. and Nicholas, M. and O'Brien, S. and Pawlowska, B. and Richter, R. and Foged Schmidt, M. and Thomas, G. and Vynnycky, M. and Yavuz, B. (2013) Limerick Wave: Using flywheel technology to convert the power of the waves to electricity. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S. and Davidson, M. (1996) Efficient homogenisation of photographic dispersions. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S.L. and Davidson, M.R. (1997) Droplets formation inside a venturi liquid mixer. [Study Group Report]

Chakrabarti, B. and Chakraborty, J. and Chapman, C. J. and Cummings, L.J. and Dondl, P. and Lapin, V. and Münch, A. and Piette, T. and Rafferty, T. and Saxton, M. (2014) Saturation in Liquid/Gas Coalescence. [Study Group Report]

Champneys, A. and Benham, Graham and Cowley, Stephen and Dennison, Zoe and Griffith, Matthew and Kamilova, Alissa and Kovács, Atilla and Lacey, Andrew and Marquis, Scott and Morawiecki, P. and Ockendon, John and Sachak-Patwa, Rahil and Please, Colin and Wragg, Hayley (2018) Optimisation of Fluid Mixing in a Hydrosacc⃝ Growing Module. [Study Group Report]

D., G.R. (1990) Void spaces under tubes in fluidized beds. [Study Group Report]

Dalwadi, M. and Dubrovina, E. and Eisentraeger, A. and Lee, A. and Maestri, J. and Matejczyk, B. and O'Kiely, D. and Stamper, M. and Thomson, S. (2014) Toxic Chemical and their Neutralising Agents in Porous Media. [Study Group Report]

Dickinson, P and Hulshof, J and Ran, A (2011) Optimal Flood Control. [Study Group Report]

Duursma, G. and Ockendon, J.R. and Wilmott, P. (1991) Dynamic behaviour of jets and spouts in fluidized beds. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Wilmott, P. (1991) Segregation of a Two Species Granular Flow. [Study Group Report]

Gravesen, J. and Henriksen, C. and Howell, P. (1998) Danfoss: Scroll Optimization. [Study Group Report]

Harlen, O. and Helcher, S. and Jensen, O. (1990) Jet break-up. [Study Group Report]

Harper, J.F. (1991) Tow washing revisited. [Study Group Report]

Hewitt, I. and Lacey, A.A. and Mellgren, N. and Vynnycky, M. and Robinson, M. and Cooker, M. (2009) Designing a Green Roof for Ireland. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, P D and Ceseri, M (2014) Gas flow rates through inert and chemically active porous beds. [Study Group Report]

Hinch, E. J. (1991) Contact lenses. [Study Group Report]

Hoog, F. (1989) Flows in gas pipelines. [Study Group Report]

Huang, H. (2001) Flows in a low permeable and compressible medium. [Study Group Report]

King, J. and Lacey, A.A. and Lister, J. and Schwendeman, D. and Tew, R. and Wilmott, P. (1991) Oscillation mark formation in continuous casting. [Study Group Report]

King, J.R. and Lacey, A.A. and D., J.N. and S., D.A. and W., P. (1990) Annular Breakthrough. [Study Group Report]

Kounchev, O. and Todorov, M. and Georgieva, D. and Simeonov, N. and Kolev, V. (2014) Smoothing of Well Rates in Subsurface Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulators. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, A.A. and Sorensen, M. (1998) DANISCO: Temperature and Moisture Gradients in Sugar Silos. [Study Group Report]

Matveichuk, O and Rosen Esquivel, P and Heidari, H and Muntean, A (2010) Modeling Compressible Non-Newtonian Chicken Flow. [Study Group Report]

Movchan, A. and Moriarty, J. and Rogers, T. and Green, W. A. and Peregrine, D. H. (1992) Spreading of melts. [Study Group Report]

Ockendon, J.R. (1968) Oxford Study Groups with Industry (1968-1988) - 6 reports. [Study Group Report]

Please, C.P. and Ockendon, H. and Howison, S.D. and Tighe, S. (1991) Long term behaviour of geothermal reservoirs. [Study Group Report]

Tilley, B. and Witelski, T. (2012) Modeling industrial coalescers: droplet dynamics. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, R. (1997) Non-monotonic variation of stress intensity with flaw size in metal-lined fibre-reinforced pressure vessels. [Study Group Report]

van Beckum, F and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Boettche, S (2009) Stiffening while drying. [Study Group Report]

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