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Study Group Report

=, = (1993) Conductor mounted residual current detector. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1988) Effect of deposition of combustible matter onto electric power cables. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1994) Heavy metal pollution in rivers and estuaries. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1988) Jitter in electro-mechanical devices. [Study Group Report]

=, = (2001) Reconstruction of temperature inside the furnace. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1993) The effects of confinement on explosive detonation in boreholes. [Study Group Report]

Aitchison, Joyce and Cummings, Linda and Richardson, Giles and Rougier, Jonathan (2005) Uncertainty of flow in porous media. [Study Group Report]

Alcock, Jamie and Goard, Joanne and Vassallo, Tony (2007) Calibrating the mean reverting jump diffusion model to Australian spot electricity prices. [Study Group Report]

Ali, M.M. and Kaelo, P. and Ackerman, J. (2004) Scheduling of material through a steel plant. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. (2001) Noise Generation by Water Pipe Leaks. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. (2002) The vibrating tuning fork fluid density tool. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Bailey, Claire and Cawthorn, Chris and Lacey, Andrew (2007) Cuttings transport with drillstring rotation. [Study Group Report]

Anderson, D. M. and Bohun, C. S. and Breward, C. and Fehribach, J. D. and Melara, L. and Please, C.P. and Richardson, G. and Vernescu, B. and Arroyo, A. and Bellsky, T. and Bui Boi, A. M. and Chi, H. and Cipcigan, I. and Franklin, M. and Nguyen, L. and Siddique, J. and Swaminathan, S. and Trichtchenko, O. and Wang, Y. and Zhang, C. (2008) Modelling Li+ Ion Battery Electrode Properties. [Study Group Report]

Andrade, Violeta and Avramidis, Thanos and Dewynne, Jeff and Howison, Sam and Lacey, Andrew and Licea, Daniela and Patidar, Sandhya and Pototsky, Andrey and Smith, Honora and Tambue, Antoine and Allwright, David (2008) Wind farm output. [Study Group Report]

Arculus, R. and Christiansen, M. and Devine, M. and Dempsey, C. and Fennell, J. and Gleeson, J. and Hunter, G. and O'Sullivan, K. and Nuttall, B. (2011) Electricity price predictability and quantifying customer suitability. [Study Group Report]

Avdzhieva, A. and Aleksov, D. and Hristov, I. and Shegunov, N. and Marinov, P. (2014) Circular Arc Spline Approximation of Pointwise Curves for Use
in NC Programing.
[Study Group Report]

Bader, Laura and Billingham, John and Callahan, Daniel and Catrina, Florin and Edwards, David and Fehribach, Joseph and Gemmrich, Simon and Hazaveh, Kamyar and Johnson, Katharine and Moore, Richard and Mykrantz, Andrew and Ni, Peng and Phillips, Joel and Tilley, Burt and Ware, Kimberly and Weekes, Suzanne (2005) Enhanced Leak Detection. [Study Group Report]

Bandeira, A. and Bell, C.G. and Charpin, J.P.F. and Gaburro, R. and Soussi, S. and Wilson, R.E. (2009) Solar Reector Design. [Study Group Report]

Banks, Jeffrey and Fehribach, Joseph and Fitt, Alistair and Hart, Robert and Hughes, Kevin and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Schwendeman, Don and Tilley, Burt and Weekes, Suzanne (2003) Spot-on: Safe Fuel/Air Compression. [Study Group Report]

Barton, N. and Spencer, S. and Zhu, Z. (1993) Oil Blending: Mixing and Contamination. [Study Group Report]

Beagon, Paul and Bustamante, Miguel D. and Devine, Mel T. and Fennell, Susan and Grant-Peters, Jonathan and Hall, Cameron and Hill, Roisin and Kerci, Taulant and O’Keefe, Gary (2018) Optimal scheduling of distributed generation to achieve linear aggregate response. [Study Group Report]

Benjamin, Oscar and Mina, Petros and Arany, Laszlo and Connaughton, Colm and Cox, Sam and Kresoja, Milena and Shukla, Abhishek and Wheatcroft, Ed and Tull, James and Groth, Samuel and Jenkins, Sian and Budd, Chris and Smith, Leonard (2013) Short term power forecasts for large offshore wind turbine arrays. [Study Group Report]

Beuscher, Uwe and Bayram, Saziye and Broadbridge, Philip and Driscoll, Toby and Edwards, David A. and Fehribach, Joseph and Graham-Eagle, James and Haskett, Ryan and Heryudono, Alfa and Huang, Huaxiong and Larson, Dale and Moore, Richard and Pennell, Steve and Raymond, Chris and Ronkese, Bob and Rossi, Lou and Srinivasan, Ravi (2004) Multi-Phase Flow in a Thin Porous Material. [Study Group Report]

Bhar, Ramaprasad (2007) A jump diffusion model for spot electricity prices. [Study Group Report]

Bhattacharya, A. and Breward, C.J.W. and Gratton, M. and Evans, J. and Nicholas, M. and Please, C. and Schwendeman, D. and Surles, M. and Witelski, T. (2005) Lubrication Layer Perturbations in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. Sean (2000) Electromagnetic Wellbore Heating. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. Sean (2011) Modelling mass transfer in a rotating disk reaction vessel. [Study Group Report]

Bokharaie, V. and Carroll, P. and Devine, M. and Fennell, P. and Gleeson, J. and Hayes, K. and Hunter, G. and Idiak, J. and Lee, W. and Lynch, J. and Mason, J. and Nowotarski, J. and O'Connell, M. and O'Sullivan, D. and Tomczyk, J. and Ward, J. and Anson Yan, L.T. and Finn, P. (2013) Electricity Exchange: Demand Side Unit performance monitoring. [Study Group Report]

Bootland, Niall and Brosa Planella, Ferran and Christmas, Jacqueline and Lunz, Davin and Dewynne, Jeff and Fadai, Nabil and Gower, Artur and Hicks, Peter and Kovalchuk, Vasyl and Lacey, Andrew and Lackner, Marie-Louise and Lee, Sara and Ockendon, John and Pereira, Victoria and Piette, Bernard and Purvis, Richard and Roy, Thomas and Spelman, Tamsin and Timms, Robert (2016) Automatic Optimised Design of Umbilicals. [Study Group Report]

Borges, Ana and Monteiro, Andreia and Costa e Silva, Eliana and Andrade, Marina and Teodoro, M. Filomena and Menezes, Raquel (2016) MIBEL prices: parameter estimation and pattern simulation. [Study Group Report]

Borne, Thomas and Cross, Danielle and Du, Gang and Edwards, David A. and Haus, Joe and King, John and Lacey, Andrew and Monk, Peter and Please, Colin and Tran, Hoa (1999) Interference Filters for Thermo-photovoltaic Applications. [Study Group Report]

Bose, Christopher (2003) Inversion of 2D NMR Data. [Study Group Report]

Brewster, M. and Dellar, P. and Entov, V. and Fliert, B. vd. and Fowler, A. and Grover, B. and Hinch, E. J. and Lister, J. and Ng, F. and Schulze, T. (1996) Gas release from sludge. [Study Group Report]

Brown, Melvin and Dellar, Paul (2007) Gas entrainment at a propagating slug front. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C. and Chapman, S.J. and King, J. and Lacey, A.A. and Larson, D. and Peletier, M. and Please, C.P. and Riley, D. and Wheeler, A. and Wood, G. (1995) Temperature variations and control of a Calciner. [Study Group Report]

Burke, M. and Chapwanya, M. and Doherty, K. and Hewitt, I. and Korobeinikov, A. and Meere, M. and McCarty, S. and O'Brien, M. and Tuoi, V.T.N. and Winstanley, H. (2009) Improvement of Energy Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment. [Study Group Report]

Burns, S. and Chapwanya, M. and Cummins, C. and Dellar, P. and Giddings, J. and Giounanlis, P. and Hicks, P. and McCarthy, J. and McGinty, Sean and Moroney, K. and Nicholas, M. and O'Brien, S. and Pawlowska, B. and Richter, R. and Foged Schmidt, M. and Thomas, G. and Vynnycky, M. and Yavuz, B. (2013) Limerick Wave: Using flywheel technology to convert the power of the waves to electricity. [Study Group Report]

Byatt-Smith, J. and Chapman, J. and Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Hinch, E. J. and Lattimer, T. and Leppinen, D. and Lister, J. and Ockendon, J. and Richardson, G. and Tong, T. and Wylie, J. (1995) Gas jet hitting a wall in a cross flow. [Study Group Report]

Cahyono, E. and Hochstenbach, M. and Moienaar, J. and Schilders, W.H.A and Terra, G.M. (2000) Velocity Estimation in Mixtures using Tomography. [Study Group Report]

Carter, Rebecca and Evans, Jonathan and Richardson, Giles (2007) Wax deposition in oil pipelines. [Study Group Report] (Unpublished)

Cawthorn, Chris and Barton, David and Maczka, Melissa and Davies, Russell and Siganporia, Zubin and Tolarczyk, Andrej (2012) Propagation of uncertainty through the hazard chain. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. (1995) Continuum chemical reactions in the oil industry. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J. and Myers, T. and Fitt, A.D. and Fowkes, N. and Ballim, Y. and Patini, A.P. (2004) Piped water cooling of concrete dams. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J.P.D. and Myers, T.G. and Fitt, A.D. and Ballim, Y. and Patini, A. (2004) Modelling surface heat exchanges from a concrete block to the environment. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J.P.F. and Myers, T.G. and Lombe, M. and de Hill, P. (2004) Transportation of water-based slurry in an open furrow, launder or stream. [Study Group Report]

Chiarella, Carl and Svec, Jiri and Stevenson, Max (2009) Diagnostic testing for earnings simulation engines in the Australian electricity market. [Study Group Report]

Christen, J.A. and Jiang, P. and Li, L. and Morales-Perez, J.L. and Spanier, J. (1995) Reducing the Cost of Monte Carlo Analysis of Well Logging Data. [Study Group Report]

Correia, Aldina and Sapata, Ana and Henriques, Claudio and Lopes, Isabel Cristina and Costa e Silva, Eliana and Henriques, Fabio and Monteiro, Magda and Pinto, Mariana and Borges Lopes, Rui (2017) Assets acquisition planning. [Study Group Report]

Coskun, E. (2011) Initialization Strategy for Nonlinear Systems. [Study Group Report]

De Boeck, Jerome and Detienne, Boris and Dkhil, Hamdi and Gibb, Tony and Ponciano, Vitor and Silva, Marco and Pan, Stefania and Poss, Michael and Vo, Tuoi (2016) Power flow optimization in the presence of microgrids. [Study Group Report]

Dellar, P. (1999) Mixing in the downward displacement of a turbulent wash by a laminar spacer or cement slurry. [Study Group Report]

Dewynne, Jeff and Davy, Pam (2008) Optimal Hedging Strategies for Australian Electricity Retailers. [Study Group Report]

Diakite, I. and DiLorenzo, T. and Edwards, D.A. and Emerick, B. and Fang, R. and Jing, F. and Li, L. and Miller, J. and Panaggio, M. and Peace, A. and Raymond, R. and Sun, Y. and Wolff, E. and Zumbrum, M. (2012) Fuel Cell Assembly Process Flow for High Productivity. [Study Group Report]

Dickinson, P and Hulshof, J and Ran, A (2011) Optimal Flood Control. [Study Group Report]

Edwards, D.A. and Fitt, A.D. and Fowler, A.C. (1995) Modeling Large Gas Release Events from "Dry" Waste Tanks. [Study Group Report]

Farmer, C. and Hoteit, I. and Luo, X. and Boonyasiriwat, C. and Alkhalifah, T. (2011) Full Wave Form Inversion for Seismic Data. [Study Group Report]

Feldman, W. and Gu, W. and Limon, A. and Kandes, M. and Kang, W. and Rezaei, M. (2009) Optimization Techniques for the Power Beaming Analysis of Microwave Transmissions from a Space-Based Solar Power Satellite. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Fowkes, N.D. and Mason, D.P. and Myers, T.G. and Moss, E.A. and Cheng, J. (2004) Fracturing rock with ultra high pressure water. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Please, C.P. and =, = (2001) Furnace problem. [Study Group Report]

Fowkes, N.D. and Mason, D.P. and Napier, J.A.L. (2004) Fault slip in a mining context. [Study Group Report]

Fowkes, ND and Mambili Mamboundou, H and Makinde, OD and Ballim, Y and Patini, A (2004) Maturity effects in concrete dams. [Study Group Report]

Geiger, Hugh and Lamoureux, Michael (2002) Determining Geological Properties by a Hybrid Seismic-Magnetotelluric Approach. [Study Group Report]

Griffiths, I. and Gallimore, L. (2011) Filtercake forming mechanisms at fracture and cavity openings. [Study Group Report]

Hadj-Sassi, K. and Clawson, R. (2011) Formation Response of High Frequency Electromagnetic Waves. [Study Group Report]

Hao, Z. and Shao, D. and Lu, L. (2006) Power load forecasting. [Study Group Report]

Hewitt, Ian and Taroni, Michele and Slim, Anja and Byatt-Smith, John and Ockendon, John and Howell, Peter and Bauer, Robert and Somani, Sapna and Blyth, Mark and Parau, Emilian and Purvis, Richard and Parker, David and Hjorth, Poul and Duursma, Gail (2008) Freeze protection in gasholders. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, P. and Hall, C. (2011) Modelling the effect of friction on explosives. [Study Group Report]

Hicks, Peter and Crosby, Andrew and Hewitt, Duncan and Hennessy, M. and Herterich, James G. and Moyles, Iain (2012) Liquid interactions with porous media and the fate of toxic materials. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P. and Shontz, S. (2008) Model Order Reduction for Electronic Circuits: Mathematical and Physical Approaches. [Study Group Report]

Huang, H. (2001) Flows in a low permeable and compressible medium. [Study Group Report]

Huang, Huaxiong (2000) Optimal Strategy for Imperial Oil's Cold Lake Facilities. [Study Group Report]

Huang, Huaxiong and Lapin, Serguei and Westbrook, Rex (2003) In-Situ Thermal Remediation of Contaminated Soil. [Study Group Report]

Hunt, R. and Fowler, A. and Hanche-Olsen, H. and Drye, T. and Gilmour, I. and McSharry, P. and Please, C.P. and Smith, S.L. (1996) Simplified methods of assessing the impact of grid frequency dynamics upon generating plants. [Study Group Report]

Hunt, Robert and Clarke, Liam and Byatt-Smith, John and Billingham, John (2007) Forecasting triads: the negative feedback problem. [Study Group Report]

Jenkins, D. (1990) Transient model of a gas-fired furnace. [Study Group Report]

Jones, Marvin and Barton, David and Hall, Cameron and Coskun, Erhan and Lacey, Andrew and Lorenz, Maike and Maringer, Johannes and Please, Colin and Richardson, Giles (2009) Oil price cycle and sensitivity model. [Study Group Report]

Jones, Marvin and Barton, David and Hall, Cameron and Coskun, Erhan and Lacey, Andrew and Lorenz, Maike and Maringer, Johannes and Please, Colin and Richardson, Giles (2009) Underreamer mechanics. [Study Group Report]

Jordan, Claire and Rasmussen, Henning (2006) Expectations for Loss of Supply in the New Zealand Power System. [Study Group Report]

Ketcheson, D. (2011) Iron Furnace Problem - What is the porosity distribution in the iron ore hopper? [Study Group Report]

Korobeinikov, A. and McCarthy, J. and Melnik, A. and Mooney, E. and Rojas, J. and Semkov, K. and Varghese, J. and Zhelev, T. (2010) Model based methodology development for energy recovery in ash heat exchange systems. [Study Group Report]

Kounchev, O. and Todorov, M. and Georgieva, D. and Simeonov, N. and Kolev, V. (2014) Smoothing of Well Rates in Subsurface Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulators. [Study Group Report]

Lamoureux, M. (1997) Inversion for Anisotropic Velocity Parameter. [Study Group Report]

M., Brown and L., MacManus (2011) Effect of distributed energy systems on the electricity grid. [Study Group Report]

Maberley, Ed and Wilkins, Andy (2007) Determining the independence of various measures of financial risk. [Study Group Report]

Maypaokha, Gnord and Alvelos, Helena and Correia, Joaquim and Andrade, Marina and Renchin-Ochir, Mijiddorj and Xiongshieng, Xaivang (2017) Understanding correlations between raw materials inputs. [Study Group Report]

Munday, Paul and Pearson, Natalie and Lang, Georgina and Warneford, Emma and Siganporia, Zubin (2012) Probabilistic flood forecasting. [Study Group Report]

Myers, Tim and Brannan, Jim (1999) Density Driven Turbulent Mixing at Batch Interfaces. [Study Group Report]

Nigam, Nilima (2004) Seismic Attenuation Problem. [Study Group Report]

Ockendon, H. and Stoykov, S. and Zorawik, T. and Dimova, S. and Georgiev, I. and Kolkovska, N. and Todorov, M. and Vasileva, D. (2013) Prediction of sanding in subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs. [Study Group Report]

Ockendon, J.R. (1968) Oxford Study Groups with Industry (1968-1988) - 6 reports. [Study Group Report]

Palvolgyi, D and Csapo, G and Wortel, M (2011) Strategic bidding in a primary reserve auction. [Study Group Report]

Poppe, K and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Blank, E (2010) Thruster Allocation for Dynamical Positioning. [Study Group Report]

Pritchard, Geoff and Sweatman, Winston L. and Nan, Kim and Camden, Mike and Whiten, Bill (2007) Maximizing the contribution of wind power in an electric power grid. [Study Group Report]

Pyke, Randall (2001) An Automated Algorithm for Decline Analysis. [Study Group Report]

Ramsey, David (2008) On the Estimation of the Distribution of Power Generated at a Wind Farm using Forecast Data. [Study Group Report]

Revilla, I.H. and Leon, H.R. and Rendon, C.H. (1995) Sistemas de Combustion. [Study Group Report]

Russell, Ken and Cerone, Pietro and Challis, Vivien (2007) Calculation of a risk measure for the net system load profile. [Study Group Report]

Seymour, Brian (1998) A Problem in Petroleum Reservoir Simulation. [Study Group Report]

Stockie, John (1999) Contaminant Transport in Municipial Water Systems. [Study Group Report]

Thompson, Alice B. and Richardson, G. and Dellar, Paul and McGuinness, M. and Budd, Chris (2010) Arc Phenomena in low-voltage current limiting circuit breakers. [Study Group Report]

Tsao, Min and Aggarwala, Rita and Aurag, Hassan and Paulhus, Marc (1999) Efficient Portfolio Selection. [Study Group Report]

Webster, Paul (1998) On Seismic Imaging: Geodesics, Isochrons, and Fermat's Principle. [Study Group Report]

Wheaton, Chad (2002) A Seismic Inversion Problem for an Anisotropic, Inhomogeneous Medium. [Study Group Report]

Whiten, Bill and Fulford, Glenn and Hickson, Roslyn and Pritchard, Geoff (2008) The response of power systems to autonomous ``grid friendly'' devices. [Study Group Report]

Whiten, Bill and Kaye, Marion and Ratneesh, Suri (2005) Optimising the relationship of electricity spot price to real-time input data. [Study Group Report]

Whiten, Bill and Tsoularis, Tasos (2004) Prediction of power generation from a wind farm. [Study Group Report]

van Mourik, S and Bierkens, J and Stigter, H (2009) DHV water pumping optimization. [Study Group Report]

van de Fliert, B.W. and van den Berg, J.B. (1999) Displacement of a viscoplastic fluid in an inclined slot. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, M and Bloemhof, G and Bosman, J (2010) Optimal Distributed Power Generation Under Network-Load Constraints. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, M and Blok, H. and Budd, Chris and Eggermont, R. and Gutermon, A. and Lahaye, D. and Rotgerink, L. and Myerscough, K and Prins, C. and Tromper, T. and Wadman, W. (2012) A Case Study in the Future Challenges in Electricity Grid Infrastructure. [Study Group Report]

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