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Study Group Report

=, = (1994) Thermal food probe. [Study Group Report]

A., J. and Breward, C.J.W. and L., A.A. and P., K. and S., W. (1997) Microwaving food. [Study Group Report]

Aleksić, J. and Lučić, D. and Nedeljkov, M. and Neumann, L. and Vojnović, I. and Zarin, Helena (2014) Improving defrosting prodecure for a frozen dough. [Study Group Report]

Ali, M.M. and Masinga, L.C. and Jekot, T. (2004) Optimal order quantities with volume discounts before and after price increase. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. and Botta, F. and Gibbs, A. and Piwarska, K. (2014) Agrifood Campaign Planning. [Study Group Report]

Arab, N and Bazarganzadeh, Reza and Ceseri, M and Gallimore, Laura and Lacey, Andrew and Lustri, Chris and Majdodin, Rooholah and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Seguis, Jean-Charles and Shabala, Alex and Smith, Amy and Smith, Nadia and Somfai, E and Whittaker, Robert (2010) Transport and Reaction Processes in Soil. [Study Group Report]

Araújo, A. and Gavina, Alexandra and Tavares, Ana and Cerdeira, J. Orestes and Santos, Jorge and Cruz, Manuel and Barbeiro, Silvia (2017) Definition of the productivity regions. [Study Group Report]

Barry, S.I. and Weber, R.O. (2001) The application of pesticides to grape bunches. [Study Group Report]

Bijvank, Marco and Dobber, Menno and Soomer, Maarten and Botton, Quentin and de le Court, Eléonore and Van den Schrieck, Jean-Christophe and de Viron, Moïra and Cisneros-Molina, Myriam and Schmitz, Klaus and van der Hofstad, Remco and Jochemsz, Ellen and Mussche, Tim and Summer, Martin and Hoekstra, Maroescha and Mulder, Jeroen and Paelinck, Mark (2005) Planning drinking water for airplanes. [Study Group Report]

Booth, C. and Cummins, C. and Dalwadi, M. and Dellar, P. and Devereux, M. and Dewynne, J. and Donohue, J. and Duncan, A. and Fitzmaurice, F. and Gordon, A. and Hennessy, M. and Hinch, J. and Hickey, C. and Hjorth, P. and Kyrke-Smith, T. and Leahy, D. and Lee, W. and Lynch, E. and Mercier, O. and Miklavcic, S. and Russell, S. and Schwartz, L. and Shozi, B.F. and Swierczynski, P. and Timoney, C. and Tomczyk, J. and Warneford, E. (2012) Brewing of filter coffee. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Dellar, P. and Edwards, C.M. and Kaouri, K. and Richardson, G. and Wilson, S.K. (2002) Mathematical modelling of pipe-flow and extrusion of composite materials. [Study Group Report]

Buchanan, J.R. and Gleeson, J. and Braun, R. (2004) A Network Model of Alcoholism and Alcohol Policy. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C. and Myers, T. and Wilson, E. (2000) Testing fish freshness by using a mechanical probe. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C.J. and Leppinen, D.M. and Williams, J.F. (2001) Temperatures in cold rooms. [Study Group Report]

Caravenna, L. and Dewynne, J. and Farmer, C. and Jones, O. and Lund, C. O. and Melnik, S. and Pawlowska, B. and Wilson, E. (2014) Customer Focused Price Optimisation. [Study Group Report]

Chiu-Webster, Sunny and Dyson, Rosemary and Parker, David and Vella, Dominic and Whittaker, Robert (2008) The pull-off test for viscoelastic soft solids. [Study Group Report]

Danka, T. and Dénes, A. and Makay, G. and Nah, K. and Vizi, Z. and Aleksić, T. and Dražić, M. and Grohmann, S. and Ilin, V. and Ivanović, M. and Jovanović, I. and Veličković, M. and Bakoev, V. and Varbanov, Z. and Monev, V. and Hristova, M. and Bikov, D. and Stojanova, A. (2014) Synchronizing inventory and transport within supply chain management. [Study Group Report]

Desnica, Z. and Krejić, N. and Krklec Jerinkić, N. and Marković, B. and Nedeljkov, M. and Ovcin, Z. and Pavić-Čolić, M. and Piwarska, K. and Vla Panić, K. (2014) Optimization of commodity portfolio management. [Study Group Report]

Duursma, G. and Smith, W. and Taylor, J. and Worster., G. (1995) Prediction of freezing times of foods. [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P.G. and Lacey, A.A. and Micheletti, Alessandra and Tzanetis, D. and Kostoglou, V. and Novakovic, R. and Rossides, A. and Sterev, N. and Zachariou, M. (2017) Cost Optimization of Ice Distribution. [Study Group Report]

Hook, James and Kulesza, Kamil and Morawiecki, P. and Wilson, Eddie (2018) Understanding the Screening Process of New Molecules. [Study Group Report]

Howell, P.D. and Bolchover, P. (1999) The evaluation of fish freshness by pressure testing. [Study Group Report]

Howell, P.D. and Muldoon, M. (2003) Two-phase modelling of air bubbles in ice cream. [Study Group Report]

Jenkins, D. and McElwain, S. (1996) Cooling of jarred cheese spreads. [Study Group Report]

Kuske, Rachel and Lyder, David and Samuel, Jonathan and Soteros, Chris and Wolfe, David (1998) Automatic Detection of Egg Shell Cracks. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, A.A. and Sorensen, M. (1998) DANISCO: Temperature and Moisture Gradients in Sugar Silos. [Study Group Report]

Lacey, Andrew and Sorensen, Mads Peter (1998) Temperature and Moisture Gradients in Sugar Silos. [Study Group Report]

Marsh, Clive and Kilby, Philip (2004) Optimal sorting of product into fixed weight packaging. [Study Group Report]

Matveichuk, O and Rosen Esquivel, P and Heidari, H and Muntean, A (2010) Modeling Compressible Non-Newtonian Chicken Flow. [Study Group Report]

McDonald, Barry and Fowkes, Neville (2006) Predicting the Effects of Agricultural Land Management Change on Soil Quality and Productivity. [Study Group Report]

McGowan, P. and McGuiness, M. (1996) Modelling the cooking process of a single cereal grain. [Study Group Report]

McGuinness, Mark and Jenkins, David and Senaratne, Galkadowite (2005) Modelling the physics of high speed product-weighing. [Study Group Report]

McKibbin, Robert and Wilkins, Andy (2004) Modelling of a poultry shed. [Study Group Report]

Mercer, Geoff and Sweatman, Winston (2006) Process Driven Models for Spray Retention of Plants. [Study Group Report]

Mercer, Geoff and Wilkins, Andy and Crook, Jonathan and Barry, Steve and Fowler, Andrew (2008) The shelf life of wine. [Study Group Report]

Panton, D. (1991) Scheduling tirage champagne production. [Study Group Report]

Parrott, K. and Aldridge, C. and Nesvadba, P. (1997) Identification of the Themophysical properties of Fish. [Study Group Report]

Power, O.A. and Lee, W. and Fowler, A.C. and Dellar, P. and Schwartz, L.W. and Lukaschuk, S. and Lessells, G. and Hegarty, A.F. and O'Sullivan, M. and Liu, Y. (2009) The initiation of Guinness. [Study Group Report]

Richardson, G. and Cooker, M. and Delaney, N. and Hanley, K. and Hjorth, P. and Mackey, D. and Mason, J. and Mitchell, S. and O'Sullivan, C. (2009) Particle Impact Analysis of Bulk Powder During Pneumatic Conveyance. [Study Group Report]

Roberts, Tony and Mercer, Geoff and Oughton, Sean and Harper, Sharleen (2005) Predicting off-site deposition of spray drift from horticultural spraying through porous barriers on soil and plant surfaces. [Study Group Report]

Stump, D. and Anderssen, R.S. (1997) Improving the design and operation of a tweedy dough mixer. [Study Group Report]

Thompson, C. and Whiten, B. (1995) Modelling and optimal control of plate evaporators. [Study Group Report]

Tindall, Marcus and Rougier, Jonathan and Pickersgill, Laura and Melrose, John and O’Malley, Brendan and Jones, Janette (2006) Lipid Metabolism and Comparative Genomics. [Study Group Report]

Wattis, Jonathan (2007) Skeletal muscle fuel utilisation in healthy and disregulated states. [Study Group Report]

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