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=, = (1994) Interactive processes in sprays. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1988) Jitter in electro-mechanical devices. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1995) Modelo Matematico para un Reactor Tubular Continuo comparado con una serie de Reactores Continuos Agitados. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1985) Modifications to the language "Orion". [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) To t or not to t ? [Study Group Report]


Agrawal, S. and Edwards, D.A. and Fehribach, J.D. and Gounley, J. and Harris, I. and Moore, R. and Takahashi, T. and Wrobel, J. (2011) Modeling Photon Generation. [Study Group Report]

Aldridge, C. and Chapman, S. J. and Gower, R. and Leese, R. and McDiarmid, C. and Shepherd, M. and Tuenter, H. and Wilson, H. and Zinober, A. Pattern Reduction in Paper Cutting. [Study Group Report]

Aleksov, D. and Paskova, M. and Naidenov, N. and Marinov, P. (2014) Spline Intersection Improvement. [Study Group Report]

Ali, M.M. and Kaelo, P. and Ackerman, J. (2004) Scheduling of material through a steel plant. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Blount, Maurice and Gramberg, Heike and Hewitt, Ian and Aminu, Abdulhadi and Breward, Chris and Broda, Piotr and Byatt-Smith, John and Catt, Chris and Chutsagulprom, Nawinda and Fehribach, Joe and Hickson, Roslyn and Hjorth, Poul and Morgan, Cara and Morones, Rafael and Ockendon, John and Please, Colin and Reis, Tim and Sibley, David and KinPo Tam, Peter and Thompson, Alice (2009) Reaction-diffusion models of decontamination. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Gould, Tim and Gravesen, Jens and Leese, Robert and Petersen, Henrik (2006) Graph colouring for office blocks. [Study Group Report]

Almeida, Jorge and Cerdeira, J. Orestes and Cruz, Manuel and Vasconcelos, Paulo B. (2008) Warehouse Storing and Collecting of Parts. [Study Group Report]

Ambati, Vijaya Raghav and Asheim, Andreas and van den Berg, Jan Bouwe and van Gennip, Yves and Gerasimov, Tymofiy and Hlod, Andriy and Planque, Bob and van der Schans, Martin and van der Stelt, Sjors and Rivera, Michelangelo Vargas (2008) Some studies on the deformation of the membrane in an RF MEMS switch. [Study Group Report]

Andreasen, V. and Brons, M. and Hjorth, P. and Hogan, J. and Wood, D. (1998) Grundfos: Chlorination of Swimming Pools. [Study Group Report]

Apple, Rosemary and Cawthorn, Chris and Yee Chan, Kwan and Lachish, Oded and Nonnenmacker, Achim and Porter, Mason A. and Reboux, Sylvain and Hazelwood, Vera (2008) Overcoming data sparsity. [Study Group Report]


Balmashnova, E. and Bruurmijn, M. and Dissanayake, R. and Duits, R. and Kampmeijer, L. and van Noorden, T. (2012) Image Recognition of Shape Defects in Hot Steel Rolling. [Study Group Report]

Belkine, Anna and Kim, Eun Heui and Lin, Florence J. and Nanda, Seema and Shi, Pei-Zhe and Stock, Brian and Tudor, Carissa (2009) Procedure for improving wildfire simulations using observations. [Study Group Report]

Benjamin, B. (1991) Use of detergent in wool scouring. [Study Group Report]

Benjamin, B. and Whiten, B. (1994) Diamond drilling for core sampling. [Study Group Report]

Besseling, Niels and Bokhove, Onno and Kolechkina, Alla and Molenaar, Jaap and van Nooyen, Ronald and Rottschafer, Vivi and Stein, Alfred and Stoorvogel, Anton (2008) Math Fights Flooding. [Study Group Report]

Bhulai, Sandjai and Breuer, Thomas and Cator, Eric and Dekkers, Fieke (2005) Optimal weighing schemes. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. Sean (2005) Mathematical Model of the Mechanics and Dynamics of the Tails in Dinosaurs. [Study Group Report]

Bokhove, Onno and Dubbeldam, Johan and Getto, Philipp and van 't Hof, Bas and Ovenden, Nick and Pik, Derk and Prokert, Georg and Rottschäfer, Vivi and van der Sar, Dick (2002) Roses are unselfish: a greenhouse growth model to predict harvest rates. [Study Group Report]

Bouwe van den Berg, J. and Castro, R. and Draisma, J. and Evers, J. and Hendriks, M. and Krehel, O. and Kryven, I. and Mora, K. and Szabó, B. and Zwiernik, P. (2012) Non-imaging Optics for LED-Lighting. [Study Group Report]

Braviner, H. and Hryniv, O. and Piette, B. and Railton, A. and Davey, R. and Minton, J. and Morawiecki, P. and Please, C.P. (2015) The Computer as a Solution Space. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Chapman, S.J. and Lacey, A.A. and Ockendon, J.R. (1990) Electric arc problem. [Study Group Report]

Breward, C.J.W. and Lacey, A.A. (2003) Perspiration modelling of the human foot. [Study Group Report]

Broadbridge, P. and Chan, D. (1996) Wet gum labelling of wine bottles. [Study Group Report]

Buchanan, J.R. and Gleeson, J. and Braun, R. (2004) A Network Model of Alcoholism and Alcohol Policy. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C.J. and Richardson, G. (2003) Modelling of plasmas used for etching semiconductors. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris and Peletier, Mark and Hek, Gerrtje and Iron, David and Leger, Andre and Cahyono, Edi and Guerra, Ignacio and Toasa, Paul Dario and Williams, JF (2002) The Artis Problem. [Study Group Report]


Canogar, R. and Pendavingh, R. (1996) Color Matching. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S. (1999) Design and loading of dragline buckets. [Study Group Report]

Carnie, S. and Davidson, M. (1996) Efficient homogenisation of photographic dispersions. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S. J. (1996) Have we got problems for you. New Scientist, June, 38-41 (1996), 2035 (22). pp. 38-41.

Chapman, Jon and Chung, Young and Drew, Donald and Edwards, David A. and Fitt, Alistair and King, John (1997) Gas Concentration Measurements in Underground Waste Storage Tanks. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Flores, G.F.G. and Estrada, J.L. and Rosa, J.O.M. and Suarez, R. and Arregui, M.L.V. (1995) Modelo matematico de un reactor PFT para mezclas continuas. [Study Group Report]

Chapman, S.J. and Fitt, A.D. and Lobo, R. and Peralta, R. and Saavedra, P. (1995) Mathematical Modelling of a Trickle Bed Bioreactor for the removal of H2S and CS2. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J. and Myers, T. and Fitt, A.D. and Fowkes, N. and Ballim, Y. and Patini, A.P. (2004) Piped water cooling of concrete dams. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J.P.D. and Myers, T.G. and Fitt, A.D. and Ballim, Y. and Patini, A. (2004) Modelling surface heat exchanges from a concrete block to the environment. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, J.P.F. and Myers, T.G. and Lombe, M. and de Hill, P. (2004) Transportation of water-based slurry in an open furrow, launder or stream. [Study Group Report]

Charpin, Jean and Cregan, Vincent and Gleeson, James and Hayes, Michael and Lee, William and O'Brien, Stephen and Vynnycky, Michael (2008) Spin-coating on nanoscale topography and phase separation of diblock copolymers. [Study Group Report]

Cheng, Kell (2000) The Tennis Ball Problem. [Study Group Report]

Cooker, Mark and Dellar, Paul (2008) An Investigation into the Physics of Blowing Polysilicon Fuses. [Study Group Report]

Coskun, E. (2011) Initialization Strategy for Nonlinear Systems. [Study Group Report]


Daskalova, N. and Mateev, P. and Zhelezova, S. (2013) Compressed representation of a partially defined integer function over multiple arguments. [Study Group Report]


Edwards, Carina and Ovenden, Nick and Rottschäfer, Vivi (2003) Incubation of penguin eggs. [Study Group Report]


Fatima, T and Grzelak, L and Hendriks, H (2009) Approximate solution to a hybrid model with stochastic volatility: a singular-perturbation strategy. [Study Group Report]

Fitt, A.D. and Guerrero, J.O. and Morones, R. (1995) Identificacion de la manipulacion matematica que convierte a una ecuacion conservativa en una no conservativa. [Study Group Report]

Fowkes, N.D. and Mason, D.P. and Napier, J.A.L. (2004) Fault slip in a mining context. [Study Group Report]

Franx, Geert Jan and van Gennip, Yves and Hochs, Peter and Nuyens, Misja and Palla, Luigi and Quant, Corrie and Trapman, Pieter (2005) Selection effects in forensic science. [Study Group Report]

Fraser, B. and Davy, J. (1995) Analysis of ultrasonic sensing systems. [Study Group Report]


Hewitt, Ian and Taroni, Michele and Slim, Anja and Byatt-Smith, John and Ockendon, John and Howell, Peter and Bauer, Robert and Somani, Sapna and Blyth, Mark and Parau, Emilian and Purvis, Richard and Parker, David and Hjorth, Poul and Duursma, Gail (2008) Freeze protection in gasholders. [Study Group Report]

Hinch, E. J. and Howison, S.D. and Lacey, A.A. (1990) Electro-painting. [Study Group Report]

Hocking, Graeme and Jakeman, John and Sexton, Jane and Wand, Matt (2008) Tsunami risk modelling for Australia: understanding the impact of data. [Study Group Report]

Holman, Tara and Wells, Darren and Wilson, Michael and Holdsworth, Michael (2007) The mechanics of Arabidopsis seed germination. [Study Group Report]

Howell, Peter and Kedzior, M. and Kramer, P. and Please, Colin and Rossi, Louis and Saintval, W. and Salazar, D. and Witelski, T. (2002) Shape optimization of pressurized air bearings. [Study Group Report]

Howison, S.D. (1990) Image Identification. [Study Group Report]

Howison, S.D. and Ockendon, J.R. and Parker, D. (2002) Small fast inkdrop emission from a nozzle. [Study Group Report]

Huang, H. (2002) Temperature control by laminar flows. [Study Group Report]


Iannetta, Pietro (2007) Measuring Plant Genetic Diversity Using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRS). [Study Group Report]


Jakub, Lengiewicz and Krzysztof, Turek and Jacek, Lewkowicz and Poul, Hjorth and Agnieszka, Kaszkowiak and Anna, Kortyka and Mariusz, Marczewski and John, Ockendon and Wojciech, Okrasinski and Zbigniew, Peradzynski and Piotr, Wojdyllo and Karolina, Wojtasik and Maciej, Zmuda (2011) Models and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of funds utilization for scientific research and development of advanced technologies. [Study Group Report]

Jenkins, D. (1992) Slurry behaviour in separation devices. [Study Group Report]

Jeoffreys, M.C. (2004) Discrimination and identification of unexploded ordinances (UXO) using airborne magnetic gradients. [Study Group Report]


Kager, W and Kryven, I and Myerscough, K (2011) Statistical Modelling of Pre-Impact Velocities in Car Crashes. [Study Group Report]

King, J. and Please, C.P. and Hagan, P.S. (1990) Anthracite Carbonizer. [Study Group Report]


Lacey, A.A. (1998) Thermo-Electrical Stability in an Electrode. [Study Group Report]

Lange, Tony and Banda, M. K. and Ngnotchouye, J.-M. T. (2008) Time domain simulations of dynamic river networks. [Study Group Report]

Lentini, M. and Loyola, E. and Membrillo, F. and Morales, J.L. and Peniche, R. and Ramos, Z. and Ramirez, J. and Romero, D. and Santana, G. and Tzachkov, V. (1995) Optimizacion del diseino de una red de distribucion de agua potable. [Study Group Report]

Lewis, Greg (2004) The Effects of Impact on Design Features. [Study Group Report]

Lewis, Greg (2005) Force-Control for the Automated Footwear Testing System. [Study Group Report]

Litvak, Nelly and Altaf, Muhammad Umer and Barbu, Alina and Jain, Sudhir and Miretskiy, Denis and Mohammadi, Leila and Onur, Ertan and panhuis, Jos in ’t and Sumihar, Julius Harry and Vellekoop, Michel and van Wijk, Sandra and Bisseling, Rob (2008) Increasing Detection Performance of Surveillance Sensor Networks. [Study Group Report]

Loewen, P. (1997) Optimal Lumber Production from Softwood Sawlogs. [Study Group Report]

Luczak, M.J. (2002) Calibration of remote sensing measurements from surface observations. [Study Group Report]


Marigonda, A. and Aleksov, D. and Idziak, J. and Georgiev, K. and Kozlowski, M. and Krastanov, M. and Veneva, M. and Sikora, M. and Angelov, S. (2013) Mini Max Wallpaper. [Study Group Report]

Marsh, Clive and Milliken, Paul and Taylor, Steve (2006) Dynamic Model of a Washing Machine Balancing System. [Study Group Report]

Marsh, Clive and Wilkins, Andy and Thredgold, Jane (2005) Determining temperature control of wash water in a laundry environment. [Study Group Report]

McGuinness, Mark and Jenkins, David and Senaratne, Galkadowite (2005) Modelling the physics of high speed product-weighing. [Study Group Report]

McKee, S. (1998) Implementation of mass/heat transfer boundary conditions on a moving boundary. [Study Group Report]


Neudauer, Nancy Ann (2001) The Disk Layout Problem. [Study Group Report]

Nigam, Nilima (2003) Modelling Quality and Warranty Cost. [Study Group Report]

North, Heather and Russell, Ken and Rodney, Weber (2005) Factors associated with trends in bare ground in high country. [Study Group Report]


Ockendon, J.R. (1968) Oxford Study Groups with Industry (1968-1988) - 6 reports. [Study Group Report]

Orban, Dominique and Zalzal, Vincent and Armand, Paul and Brunet, Dominique and Chaput, Philippe and Kiselev, Arthemy and Marcotte, Odile and Morin-Duchesne, Alexi and van Omme, Nikolaj (2007) Nonlinear Continuous Deformation of an Image Based on a Set of Intersecting Straight Lines. [Study Group Report]


Palacios, Luz and Aggarwala, Rita (1999) Optimal Control for Multi-variable Problems. [Study Group Report]

Penfield, Steven and Fozard, John (2007) Network properties underlying seed germination control. [Study Group Report]

Piché, Robert and Keyes, Edward (2002) Stitching IC Images. [Study Group Report]

Plank, Michael and Wilkins, Andy (2006) Tree Growth and Wood Formation - Applications of Anisotropic Surface Growth. [Study Group Report]

Please, C.P. and Fitt, A.D. (1995) The reduction of valve wear in proppant pumps. [Study Group Report]


Raymond, C. and Richardson, G. (2010) Modeling Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Nanostructures in Plasmonic Devices. [Study Group Report]

Roberts, Mick and North, Heather (2004) Modelling the spreading of wilding conifers. [Study Group Report]

Roberts, Tony and Mercer, Geoff and Oughton, Sean and Harper, Sharleen (2005) Predicting off-site deposition of spray drift from horticultural spraying through porous barriers on soil and plant surfaces. [Study Group Report]


Schwendeman, D.W. and Please, C.P. and Hurwitz, M.F. and Pillis, L.G. de (1995) Filter Cleaning Using Gas Injection. [Study Group Report]

Seymour, Brian (1998) A Problem in Petroleum Reservoir Simulation. [Study Group Report]

Stockie, John (1999) Contaminant Transport in Municipial Water Systems. [Study Group Report]


Velikova, G. and Georgiev, I. and Veneva, M. (2014) Effect of the Precipitation of Acid Soap and Alkanoic Acid Crystallites on the Bulk pH. [Study Group Report]

van Beckum, F and Bouwe van den Berg, J and Boettche, S (2009) Stiffening while drying. [Study Group Report]

van der Berg, Jan Bouwe and Davydova, Natalia and van de Fliert, Barbera and Peeters, Frank and Planqué, Bob and van der Ploeg, Harmen and Terra, Guido (2002) Reconstruction of sea surface temperatures from the oxygen isotope composition of fossil planktic foraminifera. [Study Group Report]

van’t Hof, B and Molenaar, J and Ros, L and Zaal, M (2009) How to Mix Molecules with Mathematics. [Study Group Report]


Ward, J.A. and Lapin, V. and Lee, W. (2009) The Eect of Mechanical Loading on the Frequency of an Oscillator Circuit. [Study Group Report]

Ward, John and Moulin, Michael and Feugier, Francois and Hazledine, Saul (2007) A mathematical model of the tetrapyrrole biosynthesis pathway. [Study Group Report]

Watmough, James (1999) Dynamics of Large Mining Excavators. [Study Group Report]

Weber, R.O. and White, L.R. and Fowkes, N.D. (1997) Modelling an inverted belt filter. [Study Group Report]

Webster, Paul (1998) On Seismic Imaging: Geodesics, Isochrons, and Fermat's Principle. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, Rex (1998) Torsion in Multistrand Cables. [Study Group Report]

Westbrook, Rex and Bohun, Sean C. (2002) Resistance Monitoring. [Study Group Report]

Witelski, T. and Schwendeman, D. and Evans, P. (2005) Analysis of Pressurized Porous Air Bearings. [Study Group Report]

Wood, D. and Woodham, K. and Mills, R. and Perram, J. (2000) Optimal Customer Account Classification. [Study Group Report]

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