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-, - (2016) ESGI 120 Reports. [Study Group Report]


=, = (1985) Modifications to the language "Orion". [Study Group Report]

=, = (2000) Numerical predictions for submarine sound. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1988) Piping in newsprint rolls. [Study Group Report]

=, = (2001) Simulation of flow control of GPRS mobile phones. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1985) Telemetry problems with pacemakers in a noisy environment. [Study Group Report]

=, = (1998) Throughput of ADSL Modems. [Study Group Report]


Agrawal, S. and Edwards, D.A. and Fehribach, J.D. and Gounley, J. and Harris, I. and Moore, R. and Takahashi, T. and Wrobel, J. (2011) Modeling Photon Generation. [Study Group Report]

Ahmed, Saleem and Breward, Chris and Crowdy, Darren and Cumberbatch, Ellis and Davis, Anthony and Fehribach, Joseph D. and Grigsby, Mike and Hall, Cameron and Smith, Stefan Llewellyn (2009) Compact Modeling for a Double Gate MOSFET. [Study Group Report]

Alfie, Ezequiel and Guozden, Tomas and Maestri, Mauricio and Martnez, Julian and Sosa, Sebastian and Ziella, Daniel (2010) Monitoreo Inteligente de Procesos. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. and Chapman, S. J. and Smyshlyaev, V. and Ockendon, J.R. and Lawry, J. and Saward, V. and King, J. and Chapman, J. and Tew, R. and Howls, C. and Lacey, A.A. and Lee, G (1996) Mobile radio propagation prediction using ray tracing methods. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, D.J. and Hinch, R. (2003) GPRS session time distribution. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David (2005) Data packet loss in a queue with limited buffer. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Armour, Tristram (2007) A scheduler for a wireless system. [Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Dellar, Paul (2007) Sensitivity of Markov chains for wireless
[Study Group Report]

Allwright, David and Gould, Tim and Gravesen, Jens and Leese, Robert and Petersen, Henrik (2006) Graph colouring for office blocks. [Study Group Report]

Alspach, Brian (2001) Adapting Search Theory to Networks. [Study Group Report]

Apple, Rosemary and Cawthorn, Chris and Yee Chan, Kwan and Lachish, Oded and Nonnenmacker, Achim and Porter, Mason A. and Reboux, Sylvain and Hazelwood, Vera (2008) Overcoming data sparsity. [Study Group Report]

Aralumallige, Deepak and Braun, Richard and Churchill, Aaron and Halliwell, Garry and Levinson, Michael and Li, Qingxia and Please, Colin and Rivas, Ivonne and Wang, Yi and Weber, Romann and Witelski, Tom (2009) Examination of optimizing information flow in networks. [Study Group Report]

Arian, Eyal and Lacey, Andrew and McCuan, John and Monk, Peter and Pelesko, John A. and Rakesh and Please, Colin and Raymond, Chris and Schwendeman, Don and Witelski, Tom (2000) Inverse problems for glass. [Study Group Report]


Baicheva, T. and Bikov, D. and Borissov, Y. and Lazarova, L. and Stojanova, A. and Stoykova, L. and Zhelezova, S. (2014) Finding an Effective Metric Used for Bijective S-Box Generation by Genetic Algorithms. [Study Group Report]

Bansal, N. and Bourne, D. and Firat, M. and de Graaf, M. and Kapodistria, S. and Kumar, K. and Meerman, C. and Mitici, M. and Nardi, F. R. and de Rijk, B. and Sarswat, S. and Scardia, L. (2012) Optimization of Lifetime in Sensor Networks. [Study Group Report]

Barton, David (2014) Working with Compressed Video Data. [Study Group Report]

Bhattacharya, A. and Breward, C.J.W. and Gratton, M. and Evans, J. and Nicholas, M. and Please, C. and Schwendeman, D. and Surles, M. and Witelski, T. (2005) Lubrication Layer Perturbations in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing. [Study Group Report]

Billingham, J. and Dellar, P. and Evans, P. and Hameed, M. and Hinch, R. and Hendriks, F. and Marchant, T. and Patel, S. and Tilley, B. and Tselulko, D. (2004) Free surface cusp formation as a failure mechanism for hard disk drives with fluid dynamic bearings. [Study Group Report]

Billingham, John and Leese, Robert and Rajaniemi, Hannu (2006) Frequency reassignment in cellular phone networks. [Study Group Report]

Bisseling, Rob H. and Byrka, Jarosław and Cerav-Erbas, Selin and Gvozdenovíc, Nebojša and Lorenz, Mathias and Pendavingh, Rudi and Reeves, Colin and Röger, Matthias and Verhoeven, Arie (2005) Partitioning a call graph. [Study Group Report]

Bittner, Franziska and Denteneer, Dee and Kronemeijer, Simon and Nuyens, Misja and Orzan, Simona and Rougemont, Jacques and Verbitskiy, Evgeny and Znamenski, Dmitri (2002) On Lossless Compression of 1-bit Audio Signals. [Study Group Report]

Black, Jonathan and Christmas, Jacqueline and Krastanov, M. and Nowotarski, J. and Sieber, Jan and Sieber, Robert and Tomczyk, Jakub and Webborn, Ellen (2013) Inertial motion estimation for extreme sports modelling. [Study Group Report]

Bohun, C. Sean (2003) Product-Driven Data Mining. [Study Group Report]

Bonaschi, G. A. and Filatova, O. and Mercuri, C. and Muntean, A. and Peletier, M. A. and Shchetnikava, V. and Siero, E. and Zisis, I. (2012) Identification of a Response Amplitude Operator for Ships. [Study Group Report]

Braun, R. J. and Schwendeman, D. and Tilley, B. S. (2006) Steady as She Goes: Reducing Flow-Induced Vibration in Hard Disk Drives. [Study Group Report]

Brouwer, Rachel and Brouwer, Thijs and Hurkens, Cor and van Manen, Martijn and Montijn, Carolynne and Schreuder, Jan and Williams, JF (2002) Magma Design Automation: Component placement on chips;
the "holey cheese" problem.
[Study Group Report]

Brussee, R and Darau, M and Dworczynska, M (2010) Position Estimating in Peer-to-Peer Networks. [Study Group Report]

Budd, C. and Gravesen, J. and Wilson, E. (1998) Efficient Implementation of Volterra Filters For De-interlacing TV Images. [Study Group Report]

Budd, Chris and Hill, Andrew and Andre Leger, Andre (2004) National Air Traffic Services. [Study Group Report]


Cameron, M. (1989) Compression of high quality audio signals. [Study Group Report]

Cargill, D. and Fehribach, J. and Lin, T-S and Please, Colin and Raymond, C. and Schwendeman, D. and Skorczewski, T. and Tilley, B. and Witelski, T. and Wrobel, J. and Wang, J. and Zhang, S. (2009) Homogenization of the Equations Governing the Flow Between a Slider and a Rough Spinning Disk. [Study Group Report]

Cheney, M. (2010) Sensor Positioning for Radar Final Report. [Study Group Report]

Cumberbatch, E. and Cummings, L.J. and Ferguson, P. and Mercer, I. and Please, C.P. and Tilley, B. and Altalli, R. and Cao, L. and Chen, F. and Li, S. and Liang, H. and Liu, Y. and Miller, J. and Nguyen, L. and Salem, M. and Vu, P.D. and Watt, J. and Yang, Y. (2008) Do the Barker Codes End? [Study Group Report]


Di Puglia Pugliese, Luigi and Figueiredo, Rosa and Hayel, Yezekael and Jimenez, Tania and Mantas, Ioannis and Santos, Marcio C. (2016) Mobile networks migration optimization. [Study Group Report]


Edwards, D. A. (2006) Development of a Quaternion-Based Algorithm to Process Data in Robotics Applications. [Study Group Report]

Evers, J and Kiss, D and Kowalczyk, W (2011) Node counting in wireless ad-hoc networks. [Study Group Report]


Fackerell, T. and Fraser, B. (1996) Modelling optical fibre cable. [Study Group Report]

Farmer, C. and Hoteit, I. and Luo, X. and Boonyasiriwat, C. and Alkhalifah, T. (2011) Full Wave Form Inversion for Seismic Data. [Study Group Report]


Gils, S.A. and Iftime, O.V. and Ploeg, H. (2000) UMTS Network Planning - The Impact of User Mobility. [Study Group Report]

Gratton, M. (2006) Backward Diffusion Methods for Digital Halftoning. [Study Group Report]

Grootjans, W.J. and Hochstenbach, M. and Hurink, J. and Kern, W. and Luczak, M. and Puite, Q. and Resing, J.A.C. and Spieksma, F.C.R. (1996) Cache as ca$h can. [math mode missing closing $] [Study Group Report]


Heilio, M. and Luczak, M. and Ommeren, J.C.W. and Scheinhardt, W.R.W. (2000) Multi-media Call Centres. [Study Group Report]

Hewett, David and Hicks, Peter and Howell, Peter and Fiedler, Juliusz and Ockendon, John and Pachon, Ricardo and Smith, Honora and Wilson, Eddie and Armour, Tristram (2008) Dynamic clusters (Dynamic Location of Phone Call Clusters). [Study Group Report]

Hjorth, P. and Shontz, S. (2008) Model Order Reduction for Electronic Circuits: Mathematical and Physical Approaches. [Study Group Report]

Hocking, Graeme and Jakeman, John and Sexton, Jane and Wand, Matt (2008) Tsunami risk modelling for Australia: understanding the impact of data. [Study Group Report]


Karolina, Baldys and Szymon, Charzynski and Karolina, Klepek and Krzysztof, Pytka and Mateusz, Zawisza (2011) Comparable aggregated indicators of QoS in the telecoms market. [Study Group Report]

Kilby, Philip and Lun, Desmond and Nguyen, Giang (2009) Multipoint-to-multipoint network communication. [Study Group Report]

King, Alan (2001) Web Hosting Service Level Agreements. [Study Group Report]


Lamoureux, Michael (2005) Seismic Image Analysis Using Local Spectra. [Study Group Report]

Leese, R. and Mondal, Anirban and Smith, Warren (2010) Dynamic Line Management. [Study Group Report]

Litvak, Nelly and Altaf, Muhammad Umer and Barbu, Alina and Jain, Sudhir and Miretskiy, Denis and Mohammadi, Leila and Onur, Ertan and panhuis, Jos in ’t and Sumihar, Julius Harry and Vellekoop, Michel and van Wijk, Sandra and Bisseling, Rob (2008) Increasing Detection Performance of Surveillance Sensor Networks. [Study Group Report]


Magorzata, Bladoszewska and Tomasz, Brozek and Michal, Zajac and Lucyna, Cieslik and Maria, Donten-Bury and Kamil, Kulesza and John, Ockendon and Lukasz, Stettner and Piotr, Wojdyllo and Wladimir, Zubkov (2011) Cryptographic techniques used to provide integrity of digital content in long-term storage. [Study Group Report]

Maki, Kara and Ozlem, Melih and Schwendeman, Don and Please, Colin and Phillips, Joel and Case, Michael and Heryudono, Alfa and Bhalezcio, Kishor and Atena, Agegnehu and Witelski, Tom and Sun, Jiguang and Fehribach, Joseph (2007) Maximizing Minimum Pressure in Fluid Dynamic Bearings of Hard Disk Drives. [Study Group Report]

Marcin, Przybyko and Orest, Dorosh and Joanna, Giemza and Tomasz, Gorski and Anna, Kortyka and Dorota, Kowalska and Tomasz, Krasnicki and John, Ockendon and Pawel, Szlendak and Michal, Warchol and Vladimir, Zubkov (2011) Mathematical techniques for the protection of patient's privacy in medical databases. [Study Group Report]

Mercado, E.J.R. and Hernandez, G.G. and Ramos, L.J.A. and Ockendon, H. and Brambila, P.F. (1997) Correlacion de pares de imagenes para medicion de solidos por fenomenos estereo. [Study Group Report]

Minchev, Z. and Dukov, G. and Ivanova, T. and Mihaylov, K. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Mateev, P. and Bojkova, M. and Daskalova, N. (2014) Cyber Intelligence in the Era of Big Data. [Study Group Report]


Nadim, A. and Cumberbatch, E. and Barannyk, L. and Kas-Danouche, S. and Savettaseranee, K. and Vellante, H. and Buckmire, R. and Platte, R. (2002) Symmetry Breaking in Jetting. [Study Group Report]

Neudauer, Nancy Ann (2001) The Disk Layout Problem. [Study Group Report]

Nigam, Nilima (2003) Modelling Quality and Warranty Cost. [Study Group Report]


O'Keefe, Christine M. and Haslett, Stephen and Steel, David and Chambers, Ray (2008) Table builder problem - confidentiality for linked tables. [Study Group Report]

Ockendon, J.R. (2001) A case analysis of optical fibre connection. [Study Group Report]

Orban, Dominique and Zalzal, Vincent and Armand, Paul and Brunet, Dominique and Chaput, Philippe and Kiselev, Arthemy and Marcotte, Odile and Morin-Duchesne, Alexi and van Omme, Nikolaj (2007) Nonlinear Continuous Deformation of an Image Based on a Set of Intersecting Straight Lines. [Study Group Report]


Patel, R. and Brett, Charles and Gallimore, Laura and Jacobs, Byron and Jenkins, Sian and Niechcial, Aleksandra and Please, C.P. (2012) Determining An Individual’s 3-Dimensional Body Shape From Two 2-Dimensional Photographic Images. [Study Group Report]

Perran, J. and Wood, D. and Allwright, D.J. and Schou, M. and Luczak, M. and Zinober, A. and Felici, T. and Waugh, A. and Scarse, D. and Kretzscher, R. (1999) Strategic Resource Planning for Optimum Service Quality. [Study Group Report]

Piché, Robert and Keyes, Edward (2002) Stitching IC Images. [Study Group Report]

Politov, V. and Minchev, Z. and Crotti, P. and Boyadzhiev, D. and Bojkova, M. and Mateev, P. (2014) Cyber Threats Optimization for e-government Services. [Study Group Report]

Pyke, Randall (2004) Analyzing Network Traffic for Malicious Hacker Activity. [Study Group Report]


Saliba, M. (1997) Fingerprint Identification - New Directions. [Study Group Report]

Santosa, Fadil (2003) Methods to Localize Shorts Between Power and Ground Circuits. [Study Group Report]


Tilley, B. S. (2006) Mosaic Maps: 2D Information from Perspective Data. [Study Group Report]

Tilley, B.S. and Please, C.P. and Billingham, J. and Dellar, P. and Breward, C.J.W. and Raymond, C.S. and Schwendeman, D. D. and Fehribach, J.D. and Ball, A.S. and Jones, L.J. and Chakrabortty, A. and Boughan, C.C. and Johnson, K.W. and Phillips, J. and Badamdorj, D. (2005) Stability of the Oil-Air Boundary in Fluid Dynamic Bearings of Hard Disk Drives. [Study Group Report]


van Beckum, F.P.H. and Boersma, J. and Habets, L.C.G.J.M. and Meinsma, G. and Molenaar, J. and Schilders, W.H.A and van de Ven, A.A.F. (1999) On compact models for high-voltage MOS devices. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, M and Beelen, T and Bisseling, R (2011) Routing for analog chip designs at NXP Semiconductors. [Study Group Report]

van den Akker, M and Bloemhof, G and Bosman, J (2010) Optimal Distributed Power Generation Under Network-Load Constraints. [Study Group Report]

vd. Fliert, B. and Meinsma, G. and Visser, T.P.P. and Peletier, M. (2000) An Internet Portal based on 'Twenty Questions'. [Study Group Report]


Ward, Jonathan and Antonucci, Giancarlo and Barter, Edmund and Brooks-Tyreman, Frank and Connaughton, Colm and Coughlan, Michael and Kuhne, Ronja and Kaiser, Marcus and Wang, Victor (2018) Evaluation of the Accuracy of a Computer-Vision Based Crowd Monitoring System. [Study Group Report]

Wilson, Eddie (2002) Customer population modelling with residence time structure. [Study Group Report]

Wilson, Eddie (2005) Real-time traffic monitoring using mobile phone data. [Study Group Report]

Winkler, J.R. (2000) Orthogonal Wavelets via Filter Banks: Theory and Applications. [Study Group Report]

Witelski, T. (1999) Design of planar coils of minimum resistance for magnetic recording devices. [Study Group Report]


Yin, Yaling (2005) Seismic Prediction of Reservoir Parameters. [Study Group Report]

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